Poppin’ bottles! We’re handing out champagne to the best uses of #FreeskierFest

Poppin’ bottles! We’re handing out champagne to the best uses of #FreeskierFest

A good hashtag is probably the best thing social media has going for it and the only one you should be paying attention to right now is #FreeskierFest. Every year, our testers, reps and staff post hundreds of photos amid our ski tests and this time around we decided to make things a little more interesting.

Each night this week we get everybody together for a family dinner at our house on the edge of town, and at each dinner we’ll be awarding a bottle of champagne to the person who best utilizes the hashtag on that particular day. [Ed’s note: Contest is open to #FreeskierFest participants only.] Presumably, Instagram will be the go-to for most entries but everything is fair game, so the Twitter and Vine arenas are also in play.


Mattias Sullivan takes the cake on day one. Photo by Nate Abbott.

Monday’s bottle went to veteran tester, Mattias Sullivan, who you may know as the naked man who called his mother mid-line in the movie GNAR. He and some other testers took a little timeout at Bonnie’s mid-mountain restaurant to soak up some rays and decided to capture the moment. The other patrons were thoroughly confused about the goings on which made for extra points. Mattias drank in style for the evening and so too will a select few others throughout the week, because there’s plenty more where that came from.

We want to know who you think should be celebrating their social media domination with a bottle of Crystal(ino). So follow along with the hashtag and shout out your favorites. The competition is heating up and the photos are getting more entertaining by the hour.



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