FIRSTS: Lynsey Dyer reflects on her path to skiing success

FIRSTS: Lynsey Dyer reflects on her path to skiing success


“Firsts” is a column that gives pros the time and space to reflect on their early days as skiers.


Lynsey Dyer

Stomping grounds:

Jackson, Wyoming and Girdwood, Alaska


Eddie Bauer, Unicorn Picnic, Sego Ski Co.,
GoPro, Scarpa, G3, XS Helmets, Avalon7

Big-mountain shredder Lynsey Dyer is not to be messed with. Not only will she show you up on skis, but she’ll show you how to live around the clock with her confident yet light-hearted personality. One minute, she’s ripping a huge line in Alaska, the next she’s cracking the funniest joke you’ve ever heard. Over the years, she’s solidied herself as one of our sport’s best athletes, meaning she has plenty to look back on from her early days as a skier.


Ripping skier and all-around badass, Lynsey Dyer. Photo: Ralph Kristopher

The first thing you need to know about me is I’m weird. I just do my best to attempt to fit in.

The first thing I try to do every morning is drink lemon water.

The first time I crashed super hard was
skiing icy slalom gates training in high school. I got such a bad concussion I started taking all my clothes off, but I don’t remember it.


Leaving a trail of cold smoke in Alaska’s Chugach Range. Photo: Ralph Kristopher

The first time I landed a perfect backflip I don’t remember how old I was, but old enough to be coaching younger kids over the summer at Camp of Champions. My best friend, US Open snowboarding champion Rob Kingwill, and 4FRNT owner and then-coach, Matt Sterbenz were coaching me and we went out in the backcountry to build a jump. The vibes were so good, and with all the happy kids around I could do anything that day. Funny how much a surrounding community matters when it comes to being our best selves.

The first time I totally botched a backflip was also at Camp of Champions with Rob and Matt. They used the power of peer pressure in the best way that day. I over-rotated the first few, and none were pretty, but I stomped the next few. I walked away with some serious shin bang but was still so stoked. Friends make anything possible. Thanks, Rob and Matt.



The first time I remember lying to someone was in second grade… I told a kid his art was good when it wasn’t all that great. I remember feeling really conflicted about it—recognizing it felt good to make people feel good. Sometimes I’m still not sure what’s better? Truth or easing someone’s struggle.

The first time I stole something I was 15 and a Goody-Two-Shoes. I thought I would be cool for my friends if I stole a $14 Umbra soccer T-shirt on sale. I didn’t think it through very well and got caught. I went to juvenile detention for four days, missed the prom. Orange suit, hand cuffs and everything… It was one of the most important experiences of my life, though. I was able to help some of the other kids there who had far tougher lives than mine and in that way they helped me, too.


Out for a rip on Turnagain pass in Alaska. Photo: Ralph Kristopher

The first good book I ever read was Tuck Everlasting.

The first concert I went to was Lyle Lovett with my parents.

The first car I drove was
my parents’ jeep wagoner.

The first things I always grab before leaving are
my phone, sketchbook and essential oils.

The first pro model I ever had was a long quilted puffy jacket I designed for Eddie Bauer that even had my art on the interior. It is sick… and now I also have pro model skis, goggles and helmets. Dreams do come true.


Jumpin’ for joy, as always. Photo: Ralph Kristopher

The first thing people should do before skiing in the backcountry is ski at resorts and get the skills to be a good skier first. Learn enough to know that you know nothing out there. Take an Avy-1 course. Trust the people you are going with and make sure you are an asset to the team you go into the mountains with by having the skills and the tools for your team. My goal is to be safe and end up being one of those badasses still shredding at 105 years old, heckling kids from the chair to go bigger.

The first resort I want to go to on powder days is Jackson Hole.

The first thing I do there on powder days is grab a breakfast burrito.

The first thing I do when I see snow coming in the forecast is
try to get some sleep.
But it never works.


Dyer as a skiing youngin’.


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