Find Le Glove for a chance to win a FREE Season Pass

Find Le Glove for a chance to win a FREE Season Pass

Like the sock lost to the drier or the single shoe seen on the side of the road, there is a glove lost on whistlerblackcomb.com. We all know how it happens, you take your glove off to check the time, answer you cell or drop one as you walk through the parking lot to the lift. These lost gloves spend the rest of eternity lonely and laying somewhere in the abyss of anywhere or the local lost and found box.

The remaining glove is lonely and cannot go on with out its right-hand-man/glove. Please help locate Le Glove’s counterpart and help keep the owner hands of Le Glove warm.

Your task is to search the pages of whistlerblackcomb.com for Le Glove and inform us of its location and you’ll be entered to win a:

FREE Whistler Blackcomb 2009.10 Season Pass!

Visit whistlerblackcomb.com/leglove for full details on how to enter.

Contest closes at 11:59pm on October 12, 2009. Good luck!


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