Fill in the Blanks Friday: Keri Herman

Fill in the Blanks Friday: Keri Herman

Keri Herman is a slopestyle killer. Her smooth style and willingness to go huge have catapulted her onto many podiums including two silver medals at X Games and Euro X. After spending a bunch of time on Mount Hood this summer then coming home to Breck to celebrate her 24th birthday last week, we caught up with Keri (woke her up) to complete this week’s edition of Fill in the Blank Friday.

Personal Info:

Name: Keri Herman

Hometown: Bloomington, MN

Birthdate: August 16

Sponsors: Salomon, Under Armour, Scott, Jiberish, Breck, Dsicrete, Dakine

Fill in the Blanks:

The last person I called was My mom.

My favorite color Starburst is red.

My favorite 80s/”hotdog trick is spread eagle? is that one?

Adam Delorme has the best style.

The most fun person to ski with is Megamo [Meg Olenick] because she’ll play along with any joke you ever want to play on anyone.

If I could have any exotic animal as a pet I’d choose a lion. But I actually want so many!

I Need A Dollar was the last song I had stuck in my head. Not the one from the Little Rascals.

My favorite summer activity is swimming. We’re about to go sneak into the reservoir we just found in the woods up here in Breck.

As a kid I had a huge crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Remember that movie, Tom and Huck? And Home Improvement? Babe.

Facebook is my favorite website other than Freeskier.com

If I could leave on a jet plane right now I would go to Indonesia.

The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth.

If I had my own country, my roommate, Michelle Shea, would be president.

One thing I would recommend to everyone is have more fun.

Keep up with Keri and all her crazy antics on Twitter.

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