Fill in the Blanks Friday: James “Woodsy” Woods

Fill in the Blanks Friday: James “Woodsy” Woods

James “Woodsy” Woods is the 3x British Freeski Champion and still only 18 years old.. With London Freeze festival kicking off next Friday we caught up with one of the top “Brits” to find out how he trains in England without any natural ski areas!

Woodsy fills us in about UK condiments, what he looks for in a woman and what he finds most amusing about America.

photo:Vanessa Sharples


Name: James Woods – A.K.A Woodsy

D.O.B.: 19th January 1992

Home ‘Mountain’: Sheffield Dry Slope – UK

Sponsors: Salomon, Adidas, Skull Candy, BawBags, Planks.

Fill in the Blanks

Castleford Sno!zone is my favorite place to ski in the UK.

What is a “Sno!zone”? Haha. It is an indoor snow dome. It is my favorite place because the park shapers and guys in charge of the freestyle ski/ snowboard side of things are super on it! They put a huge amount of time and effort into making the park good, plus the dome produces the best indoor snow in the UK which makes it a great place to ride.

My favorite thing to do when not skiing is trampolining, because I can have fun and practice for the next time I go riding.

Aside from skiing I’m an amazing dancer, actually that’s a lie, but I’m an amazing snowboarder! Actually that’s a lie too, skiing is just about it for me. I guess I’m lucky to have one thing I’m decent at!

The best terrain park is, Breckenridge, Freeway.

I would most like to ski in NZ. I’d like to ski there but also check out the country. I’ve heard it’s a banger place to be, plus then I could tick (check) off another continent! But to be honest, Alaska is the mecca and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t dreamed about skiing there.

I look for hotness, cuteness and sexyness in a woman.

My favorite food is anything with plenty of HP sauce, and my favorite drink is fruit smoothies!

The best thing about The London Freeze Festival is that there is a major freeski/ snowboard event in the UK and that it’s in London! It’s great for me because it gives my friends and family (who would never get the opportunity to travel abroad) to come and see me compete at a high level. Plus, performing in front of a home crowd is a massive motivation boost!

The worst thing about The London Freeze Festival is RAIN! Please, please, pleeeease don’t rain this year!

The best British comedy is Only Fools and Horses! Say that name to ANY British person, and they will start laughing, FACT!

The best British music is old time British rock. The Beatles and The Who, but now it’s all about the Dubstep and underground grimy stuff.

The funniest thing about America is you can have sausages, bacon, eggs etc on a plate for breakfast and then throw a pancake covered in syrup on top and that’s normal! Hahaha – Such a cool place!

My favorite tricks are switch 7s and cork 9s, but for the competition side of things I’m really digging switch double rodeos.

What tricks will you be getting dialed this season? It’s all about unnatural double corks now to be honest. If you want to get on top in this game this coming season every trick is going to have to be thrown all 4 ways. I’m working on it!

photo:Vanessa Sharples

This season I will mostly be skiing at Breckenridge, CO. I’m basing my self out of there for the first half of the winter before coming back to Europe and traveling around March/ April time.

This season I am hoping to compete in the Winter Dew Tour qualification event in Breckenridge and qulify for the other Dew Tour stops. I’ve worked super hard to qualify for Dew Tour and finally think I’m in a good place to get on it. Plus, I’ll for sure get to the Aspen Freeski Open again. Last year was really good I finished 5th!

The thing I enjoyed most about filming Salomon Freeski TV was meeting and getting to know all the people along the way. I made some really good friends and got some insane experiences that will help me for sure with my skiing and in life. Thanks guys!

Salomon Freeski TV S4-E02 Jib Roadtrip from Switchback Entertainment on Vimeo.

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