Face Plant

Face Plant

It’s that time of year again when the powder is deep and energy is high. Hello, my name is Kelly and I want to be the next Lange girl because I have a passion and zest for live and of course – powder. I have been skiing for a couple of years now and every time I go for the milk run, step into my boots and click them into my skis I get this crazy adrenaline rush. The fresh air, the mountains and the deep powder is almost better than sex. I love to be creative and try new things although a lot of times I end up doing a face plant in the snow. My ultimate goal is to become advanced enough to heli-ski and have the confidence to do so. I am twenty-eight years old, 4’ 11”, blonde hair, green eyes and 100lbs so I just might be the smallest skier on the planet. Hehehe…certainly the shortest so far. I am hoping to be able to represent Lange and all petite skiers and women everywhere

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