Extend your iPhone’s battery life while keeping it safe in a heavy-duty case

Extend your iPhone’s battery life while keeping it safe in a heavy-duty case

Are you tough on your iPhone? Like, you can’t believe it still works kind of tough? For those that said, “Yes,” Mophie’s Juice Pack Pro has you covered. This powerhouse of a protective case is designed to guard your iPhone 4 or 4S against a myriad of environmental hazards while keeping it juiced well beyond its normal battery life.

508_mophie_jpp_1_0.jpgThis product has been engineered to exceed military standards (MIL-STD 810G) in relation to its performance under extreme conditions. These include altitude, temperature, shock absorption, sand/dust exposure and so on. The case is not waterproof. However, four ports (protected by rubber flaps) along the outside allow you to access vital areas of your phone while keeping it water resistant. The ports allow you to sync your phone to your computer and charge it without removing the case.

For those who are unfamiliar with Mophie products, the cases themselves store battery charge. If you’re away from a power source for much of the day and need to keep your phone running strong, these cases rock. Inside this particular model is the most powerful (2500 mAh) battery Mophie has ever used, offering 100-150% more battery life depending on usage.

Connecting your phone to the case is much like using an audio dock. You simply slide the phone onto the connector located inside the Juice Pack Pro. After that, you snap the screen protector into place (the touchscreen mechanism functions extremely well through the plastic) and wrap the heavy-duty rubber body around the entire unit. Once the phone is securely inside, a standby switch, located inside one of the aforementioned ports, allows you to put the case on charge or standby mode. Charge mode, obviously charges your phone’s battery, while standby mode preserves the case’s charge for when you need it most. Mophie recommends draining your iPhone battery first to maximize total lifetime.

The case comes fully charged and ready to use right out of the box. Four LED lights on the underside of the Juice Pack Pro allow you to check its battery strength with the push of a button. Expect to wait 2-3 hours before the case itself is fully charged. Charging the phone via the case is only slightly slower than charging the phone straight from an outlet. Mophie says the battery can handle up to 500 full charges and half charges count just as that —so top it off whenever you want.

Bottom line: This case is built for adventure, yet functional enough for everyday use. If it sounds like something that suits your needs, head on over to mophie.com where you can pick one up for $129.95.

Pros: Excellent durability, prolonged battery life, all exterior features remain functional.
Cons: Bulky and heavy.

*The Juice Pack Pro is one of Mophie’s many cases. For a slightly lower profile case—one that also stores charge—check out the Juice Pack Air. Mophie also offers products compatible with iPhone 3G and 3GS, Android, iPad and more. See the full listing here.


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