Dendrite’s IF3 award winning film buy now “Pay what you want” Rate!

Dendrite’s IF3 award winning film buy now “Pay what you want” Rate!

Dendrite Studios Web Store is now live! Be the first to get your copy of the award winning Out of the Shadows for a ‘pay what you want rate!’

Go the store right here and right now. https://dendrite.myshopify.com/

‘Pay what you want rate?’ That’s right. The most affordable professional ski film on planet earth. We are skiers, we understand. You just bought a season pass and the duct tape on your gloves won’t push them through a fifth season, get your stoke on for next to nothing. If you have more, pay more, consider it a donation for passion and stoke. We made this film without any financial support. Your support now ensures future films, which as far as we are concerned is win-win for everyone.

What award might you ask? We recently took home “Best Big Mountain Movie” at IF3 (International Freeski Film Festival 2010). The other nominees were industry heavy weights MSP and Poorboyz.

Want to see the film on the big screen? Check out our tour dates or contact us to organize a premiere in your hometown.

Last, but not least. Thank you very, very much. We don’t know what to say. This is a dream and we are eternally grateful just to have our film shown around the world and bringing smiles to everyone. Enjoy the show!

Website: https://dendritestudios.com/
Store: https://dendrite.myshopify.com/
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/12283965
Facebook Page: Dendrite Studios
Twitter: @dendritestudios
General Inquiries: [email protected]


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