David Wise qualifies first for Superpipe finals

David Wise qualifies first for Superpipe finals

With the slopestyle competitors finishing X Games yesterday, tonight was all about the superpipe. Under the lights, during a cold and clear night, one of the most dreaded nights in Superpipe competition got underway: Elimination.

When it was all said and done, when the dust settled, it was no other than David Wise who grabbed the top qualifying spot. The Reno-ite's large amplitude and double flips put him well above the rest of the field. Taking the second spot was Justin Dorey, securing his spot with his first run. The Canadian's double cork 1260, switch double flip 1080 and plethora of flatspins did enough damage to the field tonight.


David Wise, top qualifier

Aspen's brightest, Torin Yater-Wallace, was sitting on the bubble going into the final run, but put it together on his second by going to the moon on his double cork 1260, among other technical maneuvers. Mike Riddle, who has been under a self proclaimed "X Games finals" curse, got it done both runs. Mr. Consistent put together double corked 1260s and picture perfect switch 900, putting a marked end to his curse.

Kevin Rolland, who needed his second run to qualify as well, looked his normal self, as he dropped a double corked 1260 and pipe double flip 900 with ease. Newcomer (and alternate earlier in the week) Noah Bowman was putting on a show with a new alley oop switch double 900. Come finals, we could see back to back switch doubles out of the young Albertan. Tucker Perkins, a superpipe mainstay, was rock solid with his both ways spins and double cork 1260. And sitting in an unfamiliar eighth place is Simon Dumont. While dropping first in finals is never desirable, the Dumont will likely put on a show tomorrow night.

But with every omelet, you've gotta crack some eggs. And this year, some heavy hitters will be watching from the crowd. Just missing was Jossi Wells, whose switch 720 shifty was easily the smoothest single trick of the night. Former gold medalist Xavier Bertoni just couldn't get the amplitude he needed to make the top eight. Thomas Krief, a normally consistent rider, looked a little off all night.

Tai Barrymore, who launched to the stars tonight, ended up pulling out after one run with a reported foot injury. Big ups to Tai for charging so hard tonight. Matt Margetts couldn't quite get his down the pipe double flatspin 900 clean tonight, ending his bid for a finals.

With our top eight locked and loaded, the world will descend upon Aspen tomorrow during the day to see if Kevin can three-peat or if some new face will stand atop the podium. Stay tuned tomorrow for men's and women's superpose finals.

1_ David Wise – 92.00
2_ Justin Dorey – 88.33
3_ Torin Yater-Wallace – 87.33
4_ Mike Riddle – 86.66
5_ Kevin Rolland – 84.00
6_ Noah Bowman – 83.33
7_Tucker Perkins – 82.33
8_ Simon Dumont – 81.33
– – – – – – – – cut off – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
9_ Jossi Wells – 79.00
10_ Xavier Bertoni – 76.33
11_ Taylor Seaton – 76.33
12_ Thomas Krief – 68.66
13_ Kris Atkinson – 63.33
14_ Gus Kenworthy – 34.00
15_ Tai Barrymore – 28.33
16_ Matt Margetts – 24.66


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