David Henderson Finds K2 Golden Ticket #4

David Henderson Finds K2 Golden Ticket #4

The fourth scratch ticket has been found, and this one goes to lifetime skier David Henderson of Moraga, California.

Hailing from Northen California — you know, the Bay Area — doesn’t seem like a likely place for Obsethed’s to be purchased. “I’ve been skiing skinnier skis and found myself sinking in the deeper stuff and crud,” says Henderson. ” I needed some float! I ski Kirkwood and some of the good stuff requires some hiking… so, randonee bindings with a wider ski seemed to be the recipe.”

The Golden Ticket was found at Doc’s Ski Haus, situated in Santa Monica, CA, about 6 hours from Moraga. So why there? “I travel to LA quite a bit for work and some of my friends that live down there suggested going to Doc’s,” says David. “It was a great shop with great customer service and a really knowledgable staff. I like to support the independent shops, so I made a point of going there.”

Not exactly a lifelong K2 skier like 3rd Golden Ticket Winner Jeff Collie, Henderson was on the prowl for something to suit his needs. “I was looking at Volkl, Line, and K2. The guy at the shop recommeded the Obsethed,” states David. “When I saw some of Seth Morrison’s videos on YouTube, I was stoked! That guy is a madman! Clearly, I won’t “over ski” these boards.”

The Obsethed’s don’t need any additional selling points, but “The guy at the shop told me that I could win free skis for life with the purchase of the K2’s, but I figured that was a pipe-dream,” remembers Henderson. “I wasn’t sure how to react at first because I didn’t know how many golden tickets there were. I was VERY excited when I heard it was very, very few. Free skis for life? Awesome! How could one not be thrilled!

“K2’s were the first skis I ever owned as a kid and I’ve had a few pairs over the years, so it will be cool to check it out,” states David. “It goes without saying that it will be fun to meet Seth!” Well, David, if you outlast the competition at the K2 factory, you may be riding free K2’s for the rest of your life.

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