Hello all!! so obviously I’m supposed to write all about my passion for skiing and such, but quite frankly, it is hard for any skier to sum up their love for the sport, so I am just going to keep it short and say if you ski or board, you know what I’m talking about.

SOO lets cut to the chase…I am a goofy, fun 20-year-old blondie who loves to enjoy the fine things in life: partying, music, and MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF SNOW, (especially in Wisconsin it can be rare.)

I love music and sports in general, and my dream job is to be an action sports reporter and ultimately cover the X-Games. I’m currently a broadcast journalism major attending school in Chicago.

I’ve been skiing since I was three, and yes I do live in Wisconsin so not the freshest hills there are, but I have been out west skiing with my family for the past seven years. Every March we load up our Suburban, strap the skis and boards on the back, drive 18 hours to the Rockies, and bam we’re there. Another favorite spot of hours is the U.P. of Michigan, we travel the six hours up there at least once a winter, many times multiple trips are made and I have been going up there before I could even walk, let alone ski. (It is up there I first learned how to pizza and french fry it.)

I was on a ski racing team in high school, and it was my absolute favorite team sport even though I also did basketball, soccer, track, and cross country; It was an excuse to ski even more.

yes i will admit the park scares me, but I do believe I make up for it in the bowls and back country. Moguls are also a favorite of mine as well. 🙂

I also am passionate boarder as well (mostly only in wisconsin though) though skiing has stole my heart.

oh! and I recently just got a snowflake on the back of my neck in honor of the sport of love if that doesn’t say enough about my passion!!

all in all LIVE IT UP is my motto and seriously i would be absolutely THRILLED to be a Lange girl. It would be such a great opportunity to represent a part of the sport i LOVE.

alright so thats it about me. Thanks for reading this!!

oh and remember, THE STOKE IS AGELESS

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