Cycle For A Cause: Q&A with Pep Fujas

Cycle For A Cause: Q&A with Pep Fujas

After 24 days, nearly 1600 miles and countless flat tires the Cycle For a Cause team has finally finished peddling down the Pacific Coast Highway. No matter what adversity came their way the group pressed on, all in the names of Riley Poor, Billy Poole and Shane McConkey.

I got to ask Pep a few questions once he had time to catch his breath after the month long bike ride.

How successful was the ride? Do you feel that you gained public awareness?

I feel like the ride was a great success considering the lack of time we had to organize the event and spread the word. I do feel like we gained some awareness from the caring people of this world. I know from how many comments I got on Facebook alone, we did a good job. I can’t say exactly how many people we were able to touch but even if we only touched a hundred people and inspired them to do something great for someone else or their community, then I think it was a success. Pay it Forward. The three individuals who we rode for gave the ski community much more then our efforts to return the favor. I give tons of kudos to Max for his tireless energy to blog almost every day and create constant content for people to check out the groups progress.

Did you have any personal goals in mind during the ride and if so, did you meet those expectations?

My personal goals were pretty simple. Complete the ride. Check. And to rehabilitate my knee. My knee isn’t fully recovered yet, but it is strong. So I guess I didn’t meet my expectation there, but I feel like it is very close and the ride helped immensely.

How are the spirits amongst riders now that you all have made it to San Diego?

The conclusion to the ride was pretty surreal. I was shocked that we had actually made it and the stoke was pretty surreal. After the first 20 minutes of exchanging hugs and high fives, there was a peaceful feeling that seemed to sweep over everyone. It was a speechless feeling, that can not be duplicated. I can’t speak for everyone but I think this statement is true for everyone. Sitting on the boardwalk in San Diego with the sun glowing a firey orange and slowly dipping below the horizon, everything just felt right. In those fleeting moments when the sun vanished and the sky remained vibrantly alive I believe everyone felt as I’m about to share with you. It is the moment when you feel that the path and decisions you chose to get to where you are were meant to be. Spirits were high and the thought of not being on a bike seat the next day was reason to celebrate in itself.

What are you going to take away from this incredible ride when you look back on it?

When I look back on the ride, a great feeling of accomplishment arises, in the selfish physical completion aspect as well as the selfless giving aspect. The feeling of being part of something that is fundamentally for someone else gives me a lot of joy. From that, I will take away the ambition to do other charity type events and or work. I cannot explain how gratifying it is to know that the money and awareness we raised will be given right back to the community. There were also many obstacles that were overcome, including fighting extreme physical fatigue, a constant and consistently sore butt, wind and rain and odds and ends too many to list. Overcoming the hardships endured on the trip and testing the limits of my body gives me a deep sense of self satisfaction. It is still a bit strange to say to myself, I rode my bike from Seattle to San Diego.

If you want to donate or find out more go here

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