CR Dicentes for LANGE

CR Dicentes for LANGE

Like most rippin’ skiier girls, I can hardly be bothered to enter silly contests based of “hottness”. But I’ve always been a fan of the Lange girls so this sounded worthy. I also could use some free boots! I’ve been rippin’ at Sugarloaf, Maine for 10 years, skiing hard, stealing fresh pow, and finding the secret stashes on the back side. An ideal run for me is something that takes my breath away, makes me smile bigger then I ever have and is steep. I also love tecnial runs through the trees, and those of you who have skiied the east know the trees are tight! Hucking off cliffs excite me, and sorry to the park rats, but thats just not my style. I’ll go for the long hike in the woods to get what I want. I apprecitate a good ski buddy, but don’t need a posse for a fun day. Just someone to get my back. Local as local can be, skiing is a way of life for my family. I’m a mother of two. And both kiddos live eat and breath snow and promised to never snowboard. I work in the ski shop as a ski tech. and my hubby is a boot tech. I’ve been living the dream, and hope to only follow my passions to the end. Oh yeah, I have perfect feet for a Lange boot! Not to mention, I can SELL YOUR BOOTS!



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