Company Callout: Praxis Skis

Company Callout: Praxis Skis

For skiers, by skiers. It’s a ski industry slogan that’s thrown around a lot, perhaps too much. But when Lake Tahoe-based Praxis skis founder and team members, Keith O’Meara, Kevin O’Meara, Drew Tabke and the legendary Dean Cummings make that claim there’s a lot of stock behind it.

Tabke is the 2011 Overall Subaru Freeskiing World Tour Champion and Kevin O’Meara recently took third in the FWT’s Chilean Championships at Ski Arpa. They aren’t just skiers, they are certified back flippin’, cliff stompin’ Gs. So if Praxis skis can endure a daily beating from the likes Cummings, Tabke and O’Meara, we mere skiers should do swimmingly.

And there’s the catch. Although Praxis originated from off-piste freeride skis, this year’s lineup is designed with everyone in mind: every preference of terrain, condition, and even for the intermediate skier, which propel “…the rider to whole new level of skiing.”

“We try to create ski designs that make skiing in these areas easier and more fun,” said Keith.

Keith established this vision five years ago. He pictured a handmade ski manufacturing company, which utilized progressive design and a low volume, high quality motto. Straightaway, his industry friends were at his side—including his cousin Kevin and Tabke—ready to make it happen.

And together, they did. New designs are dreamed up, created using CNC technology and tested on a weekly basis, according to Keith.

“It is not uncommon for the crew at Praxis to be on the lift talking about a new ski design on Saturday, then skiing that discussed design by the end of the week. This unique aspect of our manufacturing process allows Praxis to push the conventions of ski technology and create innovative designs.” —Praxis Skis

Praxis has lived true to Keith’s original vision. Each ski is 100-percent handmade, “which takes eight to 10 hours,” says Keith.

With their commitment to quality, ease of use and perfected design level, the sky’s the limit for Praxis.


Tech Talk: for you techies out there.

The full length vertically laminated ash/basswood cores that Praxis employs are developed to be both strong and lightweight: ash is used down the center of the ski for strength, stiffness, and improved binding screw retention, while basswood is used in the perimeter of the core to create lightweight and durable fat skis.

Praxis skis are fully protected by oversized edges that wrap 360 degrees around thick 4001 sintered running bases.

For more information on Praxis construction or for interest in purchasing click here.

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