Action, action and more action—catch up on this year’s Freeride World Tour

The Freeride World Tour (FWT) has returned, folks, and it’s had no shortage of excitement between the wild weather, venue changes and world-class skiing that’s taken place. Keeping up with it all is no easy task—we get that—so we’ve compiled everything you need to know (and watch) right here in one place.

Aymar Navarro sending it at Valnord-Arcalis, Andorra. Photo courtesy of the Freeride World Tour

Stop #1: Valnord-Arcalis, Andorra

The first stop of the season was supposed to take place in Chamonix, France. But, due to poor weather, it was cancelled and tacked onto the next stop: Valnord-Arcalis, Andorra. This meant that two FWT events would take place at Valnord-Arcalis on two different zones.

The first of two events in Andorra went down on the famed Smoothy’s Garden zone—full of both playful and terrifying terrain—named after Sam Smoothy’s wild run back in 2015 (see below). On the men’s side, American Drew Tabke skied away with the win after making his way through couloirs and off of cliffs like it was nobody’s business. In second and third, respectively, were Swede Kristofer Turdell and Spaniard Aymar Navarro who both put down very impressive runs, as well.

Throwback: The origination of “Smoothy’s Garden”

1st Place—Drew Tabke (USA)

2nd Place—Kristofer Turdell (SWE)

3rd Place—Aymar Navarro (ESP)

The women also went all-in, charging hard and fast off everything in sight and duking it out for spots on the podium. In the end, Italian Arianna Tricomi stomped the run of the day, with Jaclyn Paaso in second and Canadian Kylie Sivell in third.

1st Place—Arianna Tricomi (ITA)

2nd Place—Jackie Paaso (USA)

3rd Place—Kylie Sivell (CAN)

Stop #2: Valnord-Arcalis, Andorra

One week after the first event at Valnord-Arcalis, Andorra, it was time for round number two. As noted, this event was originally supposed to take place in Chamonix, France, but was staged in Andorra. FWT organizers didn’t want to put competitors on the same face as the first stop of the tour, though, so they moved to Baser Negre, another challenging zone that competitors enjoyed under the sun.

Two Frenchmen, Leo Slemett and Loic Collumb-Patton, dominated the men’s side, taking first and second place, respectively. Both skiers didn’t hold back whatsoever and certainly deserved their spots on the podium. In a close third was Swiss ripper Yann Rausis.

1st Place—Leo Slemett (FRA)

2nd Place—Loic Collumn-Patton (FRA)

3rd Place—Yann Rausis (CHE)

The women’s podium had some very familiar faces; Kylie Sivell placed second and Jackie Paaso took third. But, this time around, Austrian Lorraine Huber came out swinging with a beastly run and grabbed gold.

1st Place—Lorraine Huber (AUT)

2nd Place—Kylie Sivell (CAN)

3rd Place—Jackie Paaso (USA)

Phew… Now that’s a lot of action… Want more? The next stop goes down March 6 at Fieberbrunn, Austria and will determine who makes it to the final events of the season—Haines, Alaska and Verbier, France. Performances will also largely affect what next year’s FWT roster looks like. Stay tuned and fasten your seatbelts, folks.

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