Hi, my name is Meg, and nothing makes me happier then skiing. I started skiing when I was just a little guy at two, my mom would put me in her ski wedge and I’d pizza it down. Best family memories are skiing with my Dad and brother, at my home mountain Killington. When we got a place up at Killington, when I was nine I pretty much feel in love with the sport and the whole atmosphere that surrounds skiing.
Right now I am a full time student. I teach at the ski school at mount snow on the weekends, and try to get little kids pumped on skiing. Schools about an hour from mount snow and two hours from Killington, so pretty much any free time in the winter you will find me on the moutain.
Skiing is just about having fun and chilling with good people; it makes any sucky day turn instantly better. Most of my life I have done the mogul, tree skiing, all-mountain skiing. I skiied with the Killington ski club when I was just a youngster. Last year was the first time I ever hit the park, first box I broke my wrist, it was not sweet at all. But I got back up there and this year my goal is to get park skiing down.
I think I would be the best Lange Girl because I am very outgoing, I love to have a lot of fun. I smile a lot, and like to chill hard. And most of all I love skiing, it makes the world a happier place 🙂

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