Brita Sigourney Wins Winter Dew Tour Snowbasin Women’s Superpipe

Brita Sigourney Wins Winter Dew Tour Snowbasin Women’s Superpipe


Brita Sigourney en route to her 1st place finish.

Brita Sigourney, the Californian who has been tearing up the Superpipe this year — including silver at X Games — found the top of the podium on this sunny Utah day. Brita suffered a hard crash during her second run (having to be taken away in a ski patrol sled), but returned with the addition of crutches for the podium ceremony. Vermont's Devin Logan has finally found the podium at a Dew Tour, taking second. And no stranger to the podium herself, USA's Jen Hudak managed a third place finish today. Here are the top three pipe runs:

Brita Sigourney — She starts on the right wall with a lofty 540 tail into an alley-oop air. From there she links up the 900 into an alley-oop 540. A straight air into another alley-oop sets up her penultimate 720.

Devin Logan — Kicking things off on the left wall she straight airs first hit, drops a 540 tail grab into a rightside flare, then into another left 540. Then she goes into her alley-oop air, finishing off with a 720.

Jen Hudak — Hitting the right wall first she started things off with a 900 into an alley-oop air. Then a straight air into an alley-oop 540, followed by a 540, the another straight air. She ended things off with a 720.


L-R: Devin Logan, Brita Sigourney, Jen Hudak.

Sigourney, who under-rotated a last hit 1080 in hopes to increase her lead second run, crashed and ended up in the care of the medical staff. Luckily she was cognizant and able to return for her podium celebration. Devin Logan put down two copies of her silver medal run, showing that she is consistent and solid today. Hudak also attempted the 1080 last hit on her second run, unfortunately not quite stomping it, keeping her that third spot.


Jen Hudak gets her 540 on.

Maddie Bowman's amplitude may not have been as last as the top three girls (hence the gap in scores from 3rd to 4th), but she put down back-to-back 540s and 720s like the rest of the field. Keltie Hansen couldn't keep her feet under her her first run, but brought things back into a positive light second run by crushing her 900. Ms. Consistent herself, Rosalind Groenewoud suffered a hefty fall first run, being carted away, unable to take a second run. Prelimiary reports point to a collarbone injury. Hopefully it's nothing more serious and we'll see Roz shredding the stunt ditch in no time. Best of luck in recovery, Roz.


Roz G. looking to tear that thing up.

So after today's action we have a new Dew winner crowned, a couple scary falls and the successful end to another women's halfpipe event. This win will most likely further cement Sigourney's position as the top ranked AFP Halfpipe athlete, but Devin Logan (who sits in 2nd currently) will be hot on her tails. For all the updates on the current standings and what will change from Dew Tour regarding the AFP, visit the organization's website.

Women's Final Results:
1. Brita Sigourney — 92.00
2. Devin Logan — 91.00
3. Jen Hudak — 90.00
4. Maddie Bowman — 85.75
5. Keltie Hansen — 80.50
6. Rosalind Groenewoud — 15.25

For all the happenings on events this weekend, check out our Weekend Competition Action Hub.


Devin Logan alley-oops.

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