Breckenridge + Models = Great Summer Weekend.

Breckenridge + Models = Great Summer Weekend.

Words by Becca Sedler.

Last weekend, some of the Freeskier crew decided to break the heat of the summer in Boulder and head up to Breckenridge. But it wasn’t just for fun — we were there to do work. The Freeskier women’s issue is coming out in November and we had some photos to take.

The weekend started out with a fancy dinner with some even fancier people, Ryan Whaley and Carly Grimes from Breckenridge PR took us to dinner at a little downtown restaurant called Relish. Have your parents take you sometime because it isn’t going to fit into that ski bum budget of yours but it was amazing. Be sure to get your hands on a glass of the Sangria. Actually, try a few glasses! Then we were back up to the house for an early night.

Paragon lodging hooked us up to say the least. We had the use of an amazing house in which to shoot and sleep. The location was great, just below the base of peak 8 and the house was beautiful inside and out. The sheets we slept on were worth more than my car, and the next morning while trying to make breakfast, we had to navigate through a kitchen the size of most college houses. We just wanted an omelets!

The models rolled in and it was down to work. A typical shoot would have consisted of a cloud of make up and hairspray soon thereafter, but that wasn’t really the case. The models were super cute girls on their own, so the added glam that makeup and hairspray provide weren’t really needed. We added a few curl and lip gloss and they were ready for their close-ups.

The first set of shots took place in the house. We utilized the fire place, the entry way and one of the many master bedrooms. Later, we took our project to the streets, blocking sidewalks to take some sick photos of Nike 6.0s and eesa shirts. Being outside, enjoying the mild summer weather made us wonder exactly why we live in Boulder when it’s 100+ degrees all summer long.

After that and a fist full of pizza the whole crew was a little tuckered out, so the hot tub was as far as any of us made it that night.

The next day we got to a slow start since all the work would take place in the afternoon and at dusk due to lighting. We got some of the best shots Downstairs at Eric’s. While Jay set up the lights, the girls enjoyed a few video games in their heels and skinny jeans. Needless to say, a few double takes were elicited from other patrons.

The outerwear shot was next and luckily for the models the clouds rolled in and what could have been a hot and sticky experience turned out to be only mildly uncomfortable. Check out how steezy Noelle is in that Oakley setup. Maybe that’s why people kept driving by and waving.

The arrival shot was ironically our last shot of the whole weekend and probably the most technical. Jay was in front of the house an while making sure to get just the right exposure for the sunset. Following that, we were anxious to celebrate our photo victory, so we had a small feast on our 15-foot long dining room table. Eventually we hit up the Breck summer nightlife and the rest is dancing queen history. However, this story really ends with an angry housekeeper and an hour of power cleaning. Overall, however, it was a successful weekend and be sure to check out the feature in the November issue of Freeksier.



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