Bobby Brown Wins X Games Big Air

Bobby Brown Wins X Games Big Air


Bobby Brown. p: Flip McCririck / ESPN Images

Ah, big air. The night that is quickly becoming the biggest in skiing's highly packed competition season. With memories of last year's big air—Alex Schlopy's corked 1620 in particular—this year's big air has been highly anticipated. But a kink in the plan, perhaps, is the big air jump itself. Built on a different slope this year, the jump is a true table, rather than last year's step down. So the overall air time was shorter, but the skiers still put on a show.

The night started off with two heats of semifinalists, five skiers apiece. Each heat was give a 15- minute jam session, with the top two jumps scoring (out of a possible 50 per jump). A last minute scratch to the event was last year's gold medalist Alex Schlopy, citing a knee sprain he sustained in Thursday's slopestyle.

Heat 1:

Skier Trick 1 Trick 2 Total Score
PK Hunder Switch 1260 (38) Double cork 1260 (32) 63
Kai Mahler Double cork 1260 (38) Switch double misty 1440 (45) 83
Jacob Wester Double cork 1260 (32) Switch 720 (21) 53
Gus Kenworthy Double cork 1260 (38) Switch double cork 1080 (36) 74
Elias Ambühl Switch double cork 1260 (35) Double cork 1260 (37) 72

Red = advanced to finals

Rookie Kai Mahler took it to the house with his switch double misty and smooth style. Triple threat Gus Kenworthy was the second qualifier with his technical doubles. Jacob Wester got the style award with his cork 900, switch 720 and zero spin as his first three hits. Big ups to PK Hunder to throwing down even with such little notice of being in the event.

Heat 2:

Skier Trick 1 Trick 2 Total Score
Andreas Håtveit Switch 1260 (35) Corked 1260 (36) 71
Henrik Harlaut Bio 1260 (35) Double flatspin 1260 (37) 72
Jossi Wells Switch double 1080 (41) Double cork 1260 (38) 79
Sammy Carlson Double cork 1260 (37) Switch double cork 1080 (36) 73
Bobby Brown Double cork 1260 (42) Switch double cork 1440 (42) 84

Red = advanced to finals

Bobby Brown wins the heat with picture perfect double 14s and 12s (and a really nice dub 10). Jossi Wells was going H.A.M. as he took his double 12s and switch double 10s to the bottom. The young Kiwi is looking for redemption after not making finals in slope and pipe. Sammy Carlson qualifies as the next highest score from both heats. Last year's bronze medalist is also looking for redemption after missing slopestyle finals. Henrik Harlaut gets props for being the only competitor to throw bio and forward flatspins, which he calls Lobster flips.


Skier Trick 1 Trick 2 Total Score
Sammy Carlson Switch double flatspin 1080 (32) Double cork 1260 poke (40) 72
Gus Kenworthy Double cork 1260 (35) Double cork 1440 (37) 72
Jossi Wells Switch double cork 1080 (39) Switch double cork 1440 (44) 83
Kai Mahler Double cork 1260 shifty (41) Switch double misty 1440 (43) 84
Bobby Brown Switch double D-spin 1260 (44) Switch double D-spin 1440 (44) 88

And the win goes to BOBBY BROWN. Young Brown used a pair of switch double corking d-spins to grab twin 44's, and the overall win. He has grabbed gold again after Alex Schlopy snagged it from him last year. And this marks his third year in a row that he's medaled in Big Air competition.

“It’s all about consistency,” Brown said. “It’s not about someone coming out with the gnarliest trick ever, it’s just about laying it down when you need to. I am just really stoked. Everyone is at such a high level now no one person is that much further ahead than anyone else.”

Rookie Kai Mahler (he's only 16) was utilizing switch double misty 1440s and double cork 1260 shifties to secure his first X Games medal. Jossi Wells redeemed his X Games with bronze, throwing switch double corks in the 1080 and 1440 variety.

Sammy Carlson, who was in the midst of a great finals bid, unfortunately took a big fall while attempting a double cork 1620 and had to drop out, halfway through the jam session. Carlson seemed to be holding his knee, and hopefully Pasty C will heal up fast. He ended up in 4th. Gus Kenworthy, in his first X Games big air final snagged fifth (via tiebreaker) with a stylish double cork 1260 and switch double flatspin 1080.

The sun has now set on the ski events for Winter X Games 16. Congratulations to all the competitors and medalists this past week. It's been an incredible week and we'll see you next year.

Final Results:
1_ Bobby Brown – 88
2_ Kai Mahler – 84
3_ Jossi Wells – 83
4_ Sammy Carlson – 72
5_ Gus Kenworthy – 72
– – – – – Finals Cut Off – – – 
T-6_Elias Ambühl
T-6_ Henrik Harlaut
8_ Andreas Håtveit
9_ PK Hunder
10_ Jacob Wester


Bobby Brown p: Flip McCririck / ESPN Images

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