Big in Japan.

Big in Japan.

Ahhh… Japan. The land of the rising sun, pokemon, sake, sushi, skiing, and other stereotypical what have yous. This January, JP Auclair and Chris Benchetler rolled the dice with a month long trip to Japan in search of massive pillows through funny looking trees and nipple deep powder. That stuff is pretty boring though, right? What’s important is while on this trip Poor Boyz Productions cinematographer Phil Benjamin celebrated his 27th birthday in style. (See: singing karaoke in Sapporo, bingeing on 2,000 yen-two hour all you can drink specials, and ultimately yacking his guts out in front of a ramen house at 4:45 am) It was an evening to remember, to cap a trip to remember. (The nipple deep powder was epic, BTW.)


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