B&E Show presents “Blackout: The Movie”

B&E Show presents “Blackout: The Movie”

B&E, a.k.a. Phil Casabon (B-dog) and Henrik Harlaut (Edollo) released their online film Blackout: The Movie today in collaboration with Inspired Media Concepts.

The 17-minute-long piece features footage seen previously in their webisodes, in addition to never-before-seen action. Casabon and Harlaut's styles are smooth and fluid; they attack terrain parks and urban environments with a creativity all their own. Enjoy.



B&E Show presents Blackout: The Movieline_15.jpg

From B&E on Youtube: This is a gathering of the 3 episodes we have produced this season + some unseen shit… Blackout is first and for most a Hip Hop album from Redman and Method Man. So this movie is based upon this album using the personas of the MC's as our alter ego's. Redman, being B-dog and Method Man, Edollo.

This movie is edited upon flow & lyrics… MC's on Skis. This movie has been made for the most part by Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon along side with 2 segments provided by our man b-paowlin aka Paul Bergeron, and our filmier and friend, Prince Roakim aka Joakim Aslund. Brought to you a part by the B&E squad and Inspired Media Concepts. Enjoy.

Athletes in Film: Henrik Harlaut, Phil Casabon, JF-Houle, Paul Bergeron, Liam Downey, Taylor Seaton, Charlie Owens, Brady Perron, Fred Juneau, Ben Caron, Clayton Vila, Vincent Gagnier, Charles Gagnier

Produced by: Inspired Media Concepts, Filmed By: Joakim Aslund, Edited by: Phil Casabon, Joakim Aslund, Henrik Harlaut & Paul Bergeron.

Running time: 17 minutes



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