ASK A PRO: John Symms

ASK A PRO: John Symms

Professional freeskiers are extremely busy individuals, with endless training days, packed travel schedules and doing generally everything that makes them a pro. They barely have time to hug their family at the X Games, let alone answer some in-depth questions shouted at them from the 6th row of the crowd.

Well now is your chance to ask a pro a question or two and have the answers published in Freeskier magazine this fall. Every month we are choosing a different pro to take time out of their busy schedule to answer your questions. This month we have chosen John Symms as the target of your inquiries.

Diligent, witty and in to mariachi music, John will happily answer the nagging questions you’ve always wanted to ask. The only caveat to this sweet deal? We request that you ask John some questions with substance and intelligence. Questions such as, “How many goggles do you get per season” and “What is your car stereo like,” probably won’t make it through the editorial sieve that is Matt Harvey.

Please send your potential questions for Mr. Symms to: [email protected] by June 20th. After that we will choose a new pro for you to litter with questions. Please do not call our offices with questions because I don’t have a phone, therefore will not receive your questions.

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