Arcade Belts announces launch of Autumn 2013 Belt Collection

Arcade Belts announces launch of Autumn 2013 Belt Collection

Arcade Belts has announced the launch of its Autumn 2013 Belt Collection, an even more stylish and practical way to keep your pants from plunging to the ground. The collection features thirteen original designs and the all new LockFit Speed Buckle. The advantage of the new buckle? It makes it easier to pass through your belt loops. Imagine how fast you’ll be able to belt up and get out of dodge before that new “friend” from last night wakes up. In all seriousness, the new Hybrid line from Arcade features the classic pin and hole buckle, along with Arcade’s trademark elastic webbing and high-grade leather for a belt that is at home in the office or on the hill. The flannel inspired Atwood Belt and suede style of the Hemingway Belt are both standouts of the thirteen new designs.

Press Release, Olympic Valley, CA, October 7, 2013

Olympic Valley, Calif. – Oct. 7th, 2013 – With a heritage of crafting unique and innovative belts, Arcade Belt Co. carries on their traditions with the release of their Autumn 2013 Belt Collection. The collection introduces the most versatile and useful belts to date, thirteen original designs and a new one-of-a-kind buckle.

New for 2013 is the ingenious and versatile Hybrid line of belts.  The all-purpose Hybrid line is designed with the familiarity of a traditional pin and hole buckle combined with the comfortable elastic webbing Arcade belts are known for. Classic design and high-grade leather combined with burly stretch webbing and weather-resistant coatings make these belts go from the office to the outdoors with ease.

Arcade also launches their new LockFit Speed Buckle on their Original line of belts.  The new upgraded buckle has been designed to pass through belt loops quicker and easier, while still being as durable and out-of-the-way as the original buckle.

The new collection continues on Arcade’s tradition of distinct styles and uncommon material combinations with designs like the flannel inspired Atwood Belt and the suede and herringbone styled Hemingway Belt.  With the focus set on small details, the Autumn collection continues Arcade Belt Co.’s path to create, design and produce a better belt.



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