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An Ode to Nothing

The day that Freedle Coty puts out a bad movie is the day that pigs fly and Parker White cuts his mullet; a day I hope never comes because I hate pigs and I love mullets. “Nothing” holds true to the standard of movies that its creators have set before it. It is a surreal 12-minute film, an incredible culmination of artistic vision and hard work that plunges you into a world of serenity and playfulness. Beyond the jaw dropping skiing, it is clear that this is a presentation of a lifestyle: A lifestyle rooted in passion, dedication and a love for life itself. Broken down into three chapters focused on three ways to have fun on snow, “Nothing” is a visual explanation of how to keep progressing and expanding the playground of life. Through pow surfing, snowboarding and skiing, “Nothing” breaks down the barriers between these sports as the fun and excitement of each are displayed. In Washington, Japan and elsewhere these talented athletes showcase their unique styles. Parker can be seen ripping the Rossi Black Ops Gamer skis, which FREESKIER is conveniently giving away a pair of along with Pivot 15 bindings. We cannot promise you’re going to ski like Parker with these, but they’ll give you the tools to get close and you’ll certainly have as much fun as him.

On and off the snow, Parker White, LSM, Duncan Adams and friends are captured with ear-to-ear smiles on their faces. It is no surprise that people who have dedicated so much time to something they love seem to be in love with life itself. This is not new, and can be seen in Parker White, Chris Logan, and skilled cinematographer Sean Logan’s The Big Picture films in the past—if you are not aware of these flicks, highly recommend checking them out here. Four years back, the first Big Picture movie captivated and amazed me in the same way that “Nothing” has. There is something extremely powerful about a film that makes you feel as if you are in a new world of joy and passion. This is epitomized by the final shot of the movie, in which two homies ride off into the distance and the camera pans up to an inconceivably beautiful Japanese powder filled sunset. It is impossible not to be pulled into this tranquil yet tantalizing universe.

Freedle, Josh, Parker and everyone else that made this movie possible, if you’re reading this, although I am a young buck and do not have the authority to do so, I extend a huge thank you on behalf of snow lovers everywhere. You continue to progress the world of riding and filming to new heights and we are all simply lucky to be able to enjoy and be inspired by the content you put out. This short masterpiece touched my heart and made me hungry for winter, time with friends, and more wonderful experiences overall. But don’t take my word for it. Click that play button and dive into Nothing.



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