Alexis Godbout Wins Dew Tour Breck Slope [video]

Alexis Godbout Wins Dew Tour Breck Slope [video]

After the women were finished with the slopestyle course, it was time for the men to have their way with it. With even heavier snow than the women and some gusty winds, the conditions were precarious, to say the least. Low visibility, variable speed and a long and technical course, the rider definitely knew the challenge that lay ahead of them. But in the end, it was Alexis Godbout who took home the big W. Breck's revered son Bobby Brown took second and slopestyle anchor Sammy Carlson took third. Here are the top three runs:


Alexis Godbout —Slide the double kink Burlington rail, lip 270 onto the down part of the flat-down bar, right 900 to switch 1080 blunt to switch 270 pretzel 270 on the rainbow rail to a switch misty 900 on the third jump to a rightside Kangaroo Flip.

Bobby Brown — Closeout rail to back 270 off to 450 disaster to switch right 720 to switch double rodeo 900 to 450 on, 270 off on the rainbow rail. Third jump Bobby broke out the rigthside 720 to a double cork 1080 on the final jump.

Sammy Carlson — 450 off the closeout, 450 on the flat-down rail, switch right 900 late cork, rodeo 720, 630 on, 270 off the rainbow rail, switch 900, to double 1080.


Alexis, who was sitting off the podium after the first runs, upped the style, fluidity and overall impression of his run to take first. Bobby Brown, on his second run switched things up, dropping rightside double cork 1080 to leftside double cork 1260 on the last two jumps. Unfortunately, the judges scored him in the 80s, unable to best Godbout.

Other than the three top scorers, a ton of impressive maneuvers went down today. Russ Henshaw — after crashing his first run — went double cork 1080 to rightside double cork 1260, however the judges were not as impressed as this editor. Ian Cosco was throwing bothside double corks in practice, unfortunately he went down on the third jump both runs. Tom Wallisch, who ended up fourth, was the only guy to misty off the up rail and was throwing near perfect dub 10s on the second jump. Andreas Håtveit's switch 1260 to double cork 1080 combo raised more than a few eyebrows. Phil Casabon kept things stylish and mellow, no double corks for the Quebecois, but he gave the Breckenridge crowd a taste of his style.

But with the bad weather, comes some spills. LJ Strenio, Ian Cosco and Thomas Dolplads all could not complete a clean run, unfortunately. Elias Ambühl went down twice, but did throw an impressive double cork 1080 blunt to switch double cork 1080 to move up a few spots.

Thus brings the about the end of the Winter Dew Tour Nike 6.0 Open. After the Holiday break, the men will be back in action in Killington, VT for the next stop of the WInter Dew Tour. Then it's on to the X Games. Will the weather be better at the next stop and how will that affect the riding? In time, the answers will make themselves known. Until then, Alexis Godbout is king of slopestyle at the Winter Dew Tour.


Men's Slopestyle finals:
1. Alexis Godbout — 94.50
2. Bobby Brown — 92.25
3. Sammy Carlson — 88.75
4. Tom Wallisch — 87.75
5. Russ Henshaw — 82.25
6. Phil Casabon — 75.00
7. Andreas Håtveit — 74.75
8. JF Houle — 66.00
9. Elias Ambühl — 49.25
10. Thomas Dolplads — 40.50
11. Ian Cosco — 28.75
12. LJ Strenio — 15.50

What's going down with the AFP slopestyle rankings shakeup? Visit the organizations site to find out.

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