The ahlivv Games: Only 4 Weeks Left to Win Nikita Outerwear and ahlivv Flow

The ahlivv Games: Only 4 Weeks Left to Win Nikita Outerwear and ahlivv Flow

To celebrate an X Games Gold Medal victory by ahlivv girl Sarah Burke in the Superpipe, Nikita and ahlivv have teamed up for the Inaugural ahlivv Games. The first of which is the Bind’N’Ride ski and snowboard contest, inspired by Sarah Burke’s big air madness. Let’s face it ladies, we can’t all get crazy air out of the pipe, but we can all surely strap into our bindings. And, we’ve all tried strapping in/clicking in to our bindings with a running start. So, doesn’t it make perfect sense that we would give you this awesome platform to showcase your skillz! Girls of all ages and ability levels are welcome, and we don’t discriminate, so you can be on a ski or snowboard.

Sound like an interesting way to win some Nikita gear? Read on, my friends.

What does it mean to Bind’N’Ride? Here’s what you do:

  • Set your skis or snowboard in front of you at the top of a ride-able hill.
  • Get a running start and jump onto your skis or snowboard.
  • Skis: Click in and go.
  • Snowboard: Strap in as you start moving.
  • Ride and show your skillz!
  • Tell us why you think you should win.
  • You probably won’t get it on the first try unless you are some sort of prodigy. But, please share your attempts with us!

* Skis: It helps to have one ski slightly in front of the other, but make sure you know which one.
* Snowboard: Make sure to have your binding straps fully open.

The contest runs from through February 28th, 2009

How To Enter:

  • Submit a video of yourself and friends attempting, and hopefully perfecting, the Bind’n’Ride.
  • Email to [email protected].
  • The video must have some element of skiing/riding, and include your failed attempts. You have to include an explanation of why you think you should win (at the beginning or end).
  • 2 Minute Maximum
  • Include Personal Profile in your email.

Name, Age, Stance, Home Town, Mountain.
Note: Submissions will be posted on the internet. Don’t be scared, this doesn’t have to be a high tech video…we know you’re busy girls.

How to Win: The most entertaining video will win.

  • Points will be awarded for effort, creativity, entertainment, humor and success.
  • Show us your skillz and finish the run with a trick and solidify your victory!
  • The winner will receive a Nikita Outerwear Setup plus a $50 gift card for ahlivv.com

Don’t have a video camera, a succession of your photos will do the trick!

The Fine Print: Come on ladies, let’s use your head. Do not endanger your health, well-being or lives. Neither ahlivv or Nikita are responsible for any injuries you incur while attempting the Bind’N’Ride. Enter at your own risk.

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