AFP and FIS consider big air inclusion in 2018 Olympic Games

AFP and FIS consider big air inclusion in 2018 Olympic Games

AFP Co-Founders Christopher Jerard and Michael Spencer were on hand in Zurich, Switzerland this past week for the annual FIS autumn meeting; topics of conversation between the AFP representatives and the FIS included event scheduling, judging, identification of Olympic and World Cup course builders, scoring and the possibility of big air inclusion in the 2018 Games in Pyeong Chang, South Korea.

Jossi Wells at Freestyle.ch 2012. Photo by Ethan Stone.

Although the FIS has a reputation for following strict parliamentary procedures, the AFP’s Jon Lang reports that the meetings in Zurich went extremely well. “The FIS Freestyle Committee has been welcoming and refreshing to work with,” Spencer told Lang.

Of the key points discussed in Zurich, the most noteworthy is perhaps the consideration of big air in the 2018 Games. Questions arose revolving around the parameters and format of an Olympic big air event: Would it be a scaffolding-style jump, or an all-snow feature? Would a bracket style format function better than qualification rounds? Spencer and Jerard recommended the discussion be tabled for the time being, allowing athletes to voice opinion prior to the next set of FIS meetings, scheduled for spring 2013. “This always has been and always will be the focus of the AFP… making decisions based off the interests of freeskiing athletes,” says Spencer.

The possibility of big air inclusion in 2018 thus remains exactly that—a mere possibility—but it’s certainly an exciting prospect. And the world thought the Dinner Roll was the hottest item on the menu? Wait ’til they spread some nose butter 1260s on top.

For more on the meetings, including news on judging, scoring and course building, check out the AFP’s recent installation of Road to the Olympics.

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