Basically use my current film school background and knowledge of skiing to get more stuff done and make different, not boring, multiple shred-ready edits. I grew up ski racing in NY, quit senior year and skied crappy NY parks with my friends and former racer folk. I then proceeded to MSU bozeman to go sk– I mean get an education… and the best way I saw fit was to enhance my passion for filmmaking and join the film program in which I currently am a junior. I’ve become especially interested in cinematography and sure love to use that knowledge and resources to film fellow rippers and teach them to film me. I purchased a helmetcam so I can film myself doing stuff and whomever decides to get in front of me. Damn, this is getting long… Anywho, I want to keep out-doing myself each year by progressing my skiing and filmmaking. This season though, I’m feeling something majestical… care to help me?

J.F.F. checkout some previous season documentation that includes mainly BC in wyomontana and sillynillyness:

(I’m in green things w/ Hcams, Pat Cowan is the man in gold w/ a neard [neck-beard])

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