The 2017 Buyer’s Guide is here

The 2017 Buyer’s Guide is here

Dear subscribers, the 2017 Buyer’s Guide is on a journey from our printing center to your mailbox. Depending on where you call home, you might see it this week, perhaps the next, or in some cases a bit longer. Remember, patience is a virtue. The wait will have been worth it when you’re feasting your eyes on 357 new ski products, including the 105 top-ranked skis for the 2016-17 ski season.


Are you ready for this thing?

In response to a flood of questions that have come our way since we unveiled the cover, starring Sammy Carlson, I’ve got a few quick notes to share:

If you’re not already subscribed, or even if you subscribe today, I’m sorry to report you will not receive the Buyer’s Guide in your mailbox. We tried our darnedest to warn you of this last month. You can reach out to us directly if you have questions about this.

That said, you can find a hardcopy of the Buyer’s Guide on newsstands beginning 8/28/16, and you’ll be able to download the magazine via iTunes Newsstand and Amazon beginning on that same date. Furthermore, each and every piece of gear featured in the magazine will find its way to freeskier.com/gear beginning 9/1/16. Rest assured, you’ll have access to our rankings and reviews one way or another.

So, what exactly do you have to look forward to? Here’s a sneak-peek in the form of our Buyer’s Guide Snapshot, straight from the mag itself:


The 2017 Buyer’s Guide Snapshot

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