150+ Ski Industry Folks to follow on Twitter

150+ Ski Industry Folks to follow on Twitter

For an updated list of skiers to follow, please visit this story.

Everybody knows that Twitter is blowing up faster than a Ford Pinto after a side impact collision. Sometimes it's hard to separate the folks that you want to follow from those that are, well, lame as all hell. Thankfully, we're here to the rescue with 100 people you should be following on Twitter. They're a healthy mix of pro skiers, team managers, product companies, resorts and other folks that will inject a healthy dose of amusement into your Twitter feed. So, without further adieu here are 100 folks that you should be following on Twitter. Don't forget to follow Freeskier on Twitter!


  1. [https://twitter.com/empireattire Empire Attire]
  2. [https://twitter.com/SalomonSports Salomon]
  3. [https://twitter.com/Newschoolers Newschoolers.com]
  4. [https://twitter.com/TetonGravity Teton Gravity Research]
  5. [https://twitter.com/volcom_ent Volcom]
  6. [https://twitter.com/oakley Oakley]
  7. [https://twitter.com/k2ski K2]
  8. [https://twitter.com/lineskis Line Skis]
  9. [https://twitter.com/Cloudveil Cloudveil]
  10. [https://twitter.com/OGIO Ogio]
  11. [https://twitter.com/thenorthface The North Face]
  12. [https://twitter.com/SpyderVenom Spyder]
  13. [https://twitter.com/backcountrycom Backcountry.com]
  14. [https://twitter.com/MeatheadFilms Meathead Films]
  15. [https://twitter.com/armadaskis Armada]
  16. [https://twitter.com/empireattire Empire]
  17. [https://twitter.com/SalomonSports Salomon]
  18. [https://twitter.com/voleurz Voleurz]
  19. [https://twitter.com/Liftopia Liftopia]
  20. [https://twitter.com/volcom_ent Volcom]
  21. [https://twitter.com/echeadwear EC Headwear]
  22. [https://twitter.com/jiberishllc Jiberish]
  23. [https://twitter.com/orage89 Orage]
  24. [https://twitter.com/dpsskis DPS Skis]
  25. [https://twitter.com/Getboards Getboards.com]
  26. [https://twitter.com/smith_optics Smith Optics]
  27. [https://twitter.com/MomentSkis Moment Skis]
  28. [https://twitter.com/HestraGloves Hestra Gloves]
  29. [https://twitter.com/vholdr Vholdr]
  30. [https://twitter.com/KJUSUSA KJUS USA]


  1. [https://twitter.com/beavercreekmtn Beaver Creek]
  2. [https://twitter.com/vailmtn Vail Mountain]
  3. [https://twitter.com/breckenridgemtn Breckenridge]
  4. [https://twitter.com/skiheavenly Heavenly]
  5. [https://twitter.com/sundayriver Sunday River]
  6. [https://twitter.com/WhistlerBlckcmb Whistler Blackcomb]
  7. [https://twitter.com/WinterPark Winter Park]
  8. [https://twitter.com/Arapahoe_Basin Arapahoe Basin]
  9. [https://twitter.com/keystonemtn Keystone Mountain]
  10. [https://twitter.com/skialpine Alpine Meadows]
  11. [https://twitter.com/skisugarbowl Sugar Bowl]
  12. [https://twitter.com/WindellsCamp Windells]
  13. [https://twitter.com/skiwildcat Wildcat Mountain]
  14. [https://twitter.com/timberlinelodge Timberline Lodge]
  15. [https://twitter.com/WoodwardCopper Woodward at Copper]
  16. [https://twitter.com/Areskiresort Ã…re Ski Resort]
  17. [https://twitter.com/SugarloafMaine Sugarloaf]
  18. [https://twitter.com/MonarchMountain Monarch Mountain]
  19. [https://twitter.com/waterville Waterville Valley]
  20. [https://twitter.com/WhistlerBlckcmb Whistler Blackcomb]
  21. [https://twitter.com/mtbakerski Mount Baker]
  22. [https://twitter.com/beavercreekmtn Beaver Creek]
  23. [https://twitter.com/breckenridgemtn Breckenridge]
  24. [https://twitter.com/skiheavenly Heavenly]
  25. [https://twitter.com/SquawValley1960 Squaw Valley]
  26. [https://twitter.com/mammothmountain Mammoth Mountain]
  27. [https://twitter.com/brightonresort Brighton]
  28. [https://twitter.com/brightonparks Brighton Parks]
  29. [https://twitter.com/LovelandSkiArea Loveland Ski Area]
  30. [https://twitter.com/aspensnowmass Aspen/Snowmass]
  31. [https://twitter.com/WhistlerBikePrk Whistler Bike Park]
  32. [https://twitter.com/okemomountain Okemo Mountain]
  33. [https://twitter.com/skiidaho Ski Idaho]


  1. [https://twitter.com/hathbanger Andrew Hathaway]
  2. [https://twitter.com/jonnymoseley Jonny Moseley]
  3. [https://twitter.com/ABoronowski Anthony Boronowski]
  4. [https://twitter.com/gbogh1080 Tim Russell]
  5. [https://twitter.com/greteeliassen Grete Eliassen]
  6. [https://twitter.com/clarkedashark Mike Clarke]
  7. [https://twitter.com/Bushywayne Rory Bushfield]
  8. [https://twitter.com/TimDurtschi Tim Durschi]
  9. [https://twitter.com/HankLambo Hank Lambo]
  10. [https://twitter.com/stoneusbillups Matt Walker]
  11. [https://twitter.com/danetudor Dane Tudor]
  12. [https://twitter.com/NicholasMartini Nick Martini]
  13. [https://twitter.com/sarah_j_burke Sarah Burke]
  14. [https://twitter.com/MyshellParker Michelle Parker]
  15. [https://twitter.com/ingridbackstrom Ingrid Backstrom]
  16. [https://twitter.com/Erikroner Erik Roner]
  17. [https://twitter.com/JulianCarr Julian Carr]
  18. [https://twitter.com/SteepSkiing Chris Davenport]
  19. [https://twitter.com/codytownsend Cody Townsend]
  20. [https://twitter.com/MikeDski Mike Douglas]
  21. [https://twitter.com/kayaturski Kaya Turski]
  22. [https://twitter.com/christatsuno Chris Tatsuno]
  23. [https://twitter.com/willieborm Willie Borm]
  24. [https://twitter.com/KeriHerman Keri Herman]

Ski Industry Folks

  1. [https://twitter.com/ozskier Digital Dave Amirault]
  2. [https://twitter.com/TheBishopWay Doug Bishop]
  3. [https://twitter.com/MichelleLeroux Michelle Leroux]
  4. [https://twitter.com/SkiTravelGuru Heather Burke]
  5. [https://twitter.com/jonnya Jonny A.]
  6. [https://twitter.com/nabbott Nate Abbott]
  7. [https://twitter.com/jeffschmuck Jeff Schmuck]
  8. [https://twitter.com/tylergigg Tyler Gigg]
  9. [https://twitter.com/christianknapp Christian Knapp]
  10. [https://twitter.com/blakekimmel Blake Kimmel]
  11. [https://twitter.com/Keithcarlsen Keith Carlsen]
  12. [https://twitter.com/jycouput Jean-yves Couput]
  13. [https://twitter.com/EGOSports Michael Spencer]
  14. [https://twitter.com/johnnystifter Johnny Stifter]
  15. [https://twitter.com/SkiTravelGuru Heather Burke]
  16. [https://twitter.com/skiergrrl Amy Kemp]
  17. [https://twitter.com/MichelleLeroux Michelle Leroux]
  18. [https://twitter.com/DarcyLiberty Darcy Liberty]
  19. [https://twitter.com/chriskoconnell Chris O'Connell]
  20. [https://twitter.com/legendofbryant Josh Bryant]
  21. [https://twitter.com/SaloMom Jenny Naftulin]
  22. [https://twitter.com/bruno_bertrand Bruno Bertrand]
  23. [https://twitter.com/malczyk Josh Malczyk]
  24. [https://twitter.com/stevejpr Steve Wright]
  25. [https://twitter.com/evanreece Evan Reece]
  26. [https://twitter.com/DustinSchaefer Dustin Schaefer]
  27. [https://twitter.com/johnnydpbp Johnny Decesare]

Other Rad People

  1. [https://twitter.com/TaraDakides Tara Dakides]
  2. [https://twitter.com/tonyhawk Tony Hawk]
  3. [https://twitter.com/FASTSTRAP Amanda Jean French]

News Sources & Sites

  1. [https://twitter.com/VailDaily Vail Daily]
  2. [https://twitter.com/FUELTV Fuel TV]
  3. [https://twitter.com/GO211 GO211]
  4. [https://twitter.com/AlliSports Alli Sports]
  5. [https://twitter.com/siasnowsports SIA]
  6. [https://twitter.com/doglotion Doglotion Ski Mag]
  7. [https://twitter.com/IF3 IF3]
  8. [https://twitter.com/SbcSkier SBC Skier]
  9. [https://twitter.com/PowderMagazine Powder Magazine]
  10. [https://twitter.com/Newschoolers Newschoolers.com]
  11. [https://twitter.com/ColoradoSkiUSA Colorado Ski Country]
  12. [https://twitter.com/Ski_Net Skinet]
  13. [https://twitter.com/TetonGravity TGR]
  14. [https://twitter.com/VailDaily Vail Daily]
  15. [https://twitter.com/saminfo Ski Area Management Magazine]
  16. [https://twitter.com/redbullski Red Bull Skiing]
  17. [https://twitter.com/skipass Skipass.com]
  18. [https://twitter.com/CampusRailJam Campus Rail Jam]
  19. [https://twitter.com/gouldacademy Gould Academy]
  20. [https://twitter.com/skicom Ski.com]
  21. [https://twitter.com/aspenspin AspenSpin]
  22. [https://twitter.com/summitdailynews Summit Daily News]
Know of any other companies we should be following on Twitter? Leave them in the comments!

Also, I know I'm missing many of the resorts. I'll be adding them in over the next couple of days. There are DOZENS of resorts using Twitter to send out the latest conditions, deals and happenings!

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