The top 12 ski helmets of 2017

The top 12 ski helmets of 2017

Skiing is wilder than ever before. We’re going faster, bigger and deeper in the mountains with no signs of slowing down. And with that kind of progress, you never know what’s going to happen. The least one can do is invest in a product that has proper protection for the sake of your wellbeing, along with the wellbeing of your friends and family. Below, find the 12 best options available for 2017; we strongly suggest them all.

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Pret Cirque X


“The new Cirque X from Pret has MIPS and is built with thick polycarbonate panels in areas prone to severe blows, increasing protection where you need it…” Click for full review.

Sweet Protection Trooper MIPS


“The outer shell is built of Thermoplastic Laminated Carbonfiber that carries the elastic qualities of injection-molded material with the strength and low weight of carbon fiber…” Click for full review.

Giro Zone MIPS


“Targeted at freeride skiers in particular, but fitting for any savvy shredder, the Zone MIPS is worth more than a passing glance…” Click for full review.

anon. Nova


“The Nova from anon. has a hybrid construction containing a durable outer shell with a lightweight in-mold interior…” Click for full review.

Shred Bumper NOSHOCK


“This hard hat from Shred aims to challenge traditional helmet tech with a couple of innovations of its own: NOSHOCK and INFINITE RAA…” Click for full review.

Uvex Jimm Octo+


“This is one well-thought-out brain bucket. Its in-mold construction provides safety while maintaining a lightweight profile and vents placed in the front and rear keep the breeze flowing…” Click for full review.

Pret Lyric X


“It’s hard to believe Pret was founded in 2010, because the brand’s helmets are so on point that it seems like it’s been doing this for decades with this product…” Click for full review.

Lynsey Dyer Pro XS


“This skate-inspired helmet is the pro model of none other than the über-talented and spunky Lynsey Dyer (hence the unicorn graphic)…” Click full review.

POC Auric Cut integrated with the Fovea goggle


“The new Auric Cut is a redesign of Olympian Aaron Blunck’s pro-model helmet, the Auric, which hit the market last season…” Click for full review.

Smith Vantage integrated with the I/07 goggle


“The Vantage is a hybrid helmet, combining a bomber ABS construction up top with a lighter weight, in-mold construction on the bottom…” Click for full review.

anon. Prime integrated with the M3 goggle


“The new Prime helmet features an injection-molded ABS top half for ultimate durability and in-mold construction down low for weight savings…” Click for full review.

Oakley Mod 3 integrated with the Air Brake XL goggle


“The Mod 3, one of two helmets available in year one of Oakley’s foray into dome protectors, utilizes in-mold construction for a reduction in weight…” Click for full review.


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