Recon Instruments releases new app that connects your GoPro to your goggles

Recon Instruments releases new app that connects your GoPro to your goggles

Airwave 1.5 and GoPro HERO4 2

Image provided by Recon Instruments

There’s a new ski app in town, folks. Recon Instruments has launched a brand new program dubbed Airwave GoPro Connect, an application that allows users to control GoPro HERO4 cameras remotely, and view a real-time heads up display via Oakley’s Airwave 1.5 goggle. The Airwave is equipped with Recon’s Snow2 heads-up display, and now you can view your footage as you tear up the mountain.

The heads-up display is integrated in the Airwave’s lens, positioned just below the user’s right eye. The collaboration allows for users to utilize an array of controls, including snapping still photographs, starting and stopping recording and more, with the use of the Snow2 remote.

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For more information on the partnership, see the press release provided by Recon Instruments, below.

Press Release:

Recon Instruments, an Intel company, has released a new app for skiers and snowboarders. Dubbed Airwave GoPro® Connect, the app allows winter-sports athletes to control GoPro® HERO4 cameras remotely—and to access a real-time viewfinder—using snow goggles like Oakley’s Airwave 1.5, which are equipped with Recon’s Snow2 heads-up display.

Available now from Recon’s App Center, the Airwave GoPro® Connect app makes it dramatically easier and more convenient for alpine athletes to capture footage of their day on the hill. Users can operate their GoPro® camera’s controls using Snow2’s glove-friendly remote control, and they can know instantly whether their camera is positioned correctly—and whether the lens is free of snow, frost, water, or debris—by checking the viewfinder on Snow2’s display.

The Airwave GoPro® Connect app features:

  • A real-time viewfinder. Users can view a live feed from their GoPro® camera on the Snow2 heads-up display. That heads-up display is integrated into the snow goggles and positioned just below the user’s right eye, making it accessible with a glance.
  • An extensive range of controls. Users can start and stop video recording, snap still photographs, and change capture modes using the Snow2 remote. The remote is designed to be strapped to the user’s wrist and to be easily operable even when the user is wearing gloves.
  • Storage and battery indicators. The app’s viewfinder screen displays the GoPro® camera’s remaining storage capacity and battery life, just like the viewfinder screen on a standard digital camera.
  • Seamless accessibility. Users can switch rapidly from Snow2’s metrics and GPS maps screens to the Airwave GoPro® Connect app by pressing the left and right buttons on the Snow2 remote.

“As soon as the snow season starts, we’re up on the hill with our GoPro® cameras,” said Tyson Miller, Director of Product Management at Recon Instruments. “ But on those days when the wind is blowing and the snow is flying, the last thing you want is to take off your gloves and try to operate a camera. We set out to address this and other pain points with Airwave GoPro® Connect, and we’re really stoked with the result. The boost in convenience and ease of use from this app is huge.”

Oakley Airwave 1.5 is the world’s most technologically advanced pair of snow goggles for skiers and snowboarders. It features Recon Snow2, a uniquely powerful heads-up display that delivers a full suite of relevant data—including real-time descent and jump metrics; GPS-enabled resort maps and buddy tracking; and notifications from a connected smartphone—just below the user’s right eye. With Recon Snow2, users can stay effortlessly informed and connected while out on the slopes without the inconvenience of having to pull out and use a smartphone.

The Airwave GoPro® Connect app is compatible with GoPro® HERO4 Silver and GoPro® HERO4 Black cameras. Compatibility with GoPro® HERO4 Session cameras is coming soon. For more information, visit the Airwave GoPro® Connect page in Recon’s App Center.

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