“Gear Of The Day” starts now

“Gear Of The Day” starts now

Did you know? A whopping 77 percent of skiers polled in early 2016 cited “media gear reviews” as the number-one influencer of their purchasing decisions, even above word of mouth and brand loyalty.* That’s a figure we don’t take for granted. We’re humbled to connect avid skiers with products that contribute to life-changing days on the snow. Providing this service makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside and that’s why we’re upping our efforts to showcase more gear than ever before.

Nick McNutt in the Neocola range for TGR's Tight Loose

Nick McNutt in Alaska’s Neacola Range, captured by Nic Alegre

New this season, “Associated Gear” will be appended to stories in each of our magazines; these sidebars will shed light on the goods that play a pivotal role in the adventures of top-name athletes and under-the-radar rippers alike. Our sixth annual Backcountry Issue will be packed to the brim with reviews of the year’s finest tools for off-piste skiing and off-the-grid trekking. Furthermore, effective immediately, “Gear of the Day” will grace freeskier.com, highlighting everything from skis to accessories to multi-item roundups. We’ll be giving away a slew of both hardgoods and softgoods via weekly e-newsletters, as well, and collectively that’s just the tip of the iceberg: Product developments, innovations and exclusive releases will be shared via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Is that drool on your chin?

Of course, there’s the cornerstone of our gear-centric coverage… the 2017 Buyer’s Guide. Two hundred-plus magazine pages (now available online, too) full of top-shelf equipment never looked so good. You’ll find more about our Buyer’s Guide, here.

For now, I extend high hopes for a pow-filled winter and kind regards.

– Henrik Lampert, Editor-in-Chief

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