Must-Watch: This short film just blew our freaking minds to pieces

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The Big Picture crew—headed by Parker White, Chris Logan and Sean Logan—just released the second and final installment of its series, Move, and it’s one of the most impressive short films we’ve seen in a long time.

Featuring gnarly pillow lines and gargantuan booters in British Columbia, as well as style-heavy park shredding at Mammoth Mountain, the video is right up there both talent- and quality-wise with offerings from major film productions. And that’s saying something, because the bar has been set very, very high, as seen by various releases we’ve seen this fall.

White and the Logans didn’t do this one alone; their efforts are supplemented by those of Tanner Rainville and Jordan Clarke, who threw down hard to make this project its very best. Together, they absolutely crushed it, and we are beyond stoked to see what the crew comes up with for the 2016-17 season.

Side note: These guys are giving away a pair of skis to whoever posts the best pow clip on Instagram with the hashtag, #TBPPOWCLIP. Enter if you dare.

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