Jon Olsson Super Sessions might make a return this winter

Comments by Shane Dowaliby/

According to a blog post on Jon Olsson’s website, there’s a chance that Jon Olsson Super Sessions (JOSS) will make a return for the 13/14 winter. Jon warns that while everything is “far from set,” he did get a “very interesting call” that prompted him to start putting together a budget for the video-based contest. He goes on to say that JOSS was “one of the most fun projects [he's] been a part of,” and if it happens this year, he will forgo the country-based format and instead invite film production companies to comprise individual teams. Most recently, the film company format found success at the return of Orage Masters.

Watch: Team America’s entry to JOSS 2010

It sounds like we shouldn’t get our hopes up yet, but I would personally love to see JOSS make a return this season. We’ll keep you updated as details become available. In the meantime, leave a comment below with your thoughts on the event, format, or anything else relating to the contest.