Top 10 Skis: The best men’s big-mountain skis of 2011-2012

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The skis on this page are out of date.

Click here to see the current, 2012-2013 big-mountain ski reviews.

#1. K2 — Kung Fujas

Overall Score: 17.3

FUJAS actually stands for Frickin’ Unbelievable Jedi at Skiing. Being well-rounded as he is, Pep demands a ski that handles an assortment of terrain and conditions. Click for full review and scores.

k2_kungfujas_copy.jpg line_31.jpg

#2. Nordica — Patron

Overall Score: 17.0

Nordica athletes and big-mountain all-stars Benedikt Mayr and Rory Bushfield lent their ideas to create this ultraversatile ski. Click for full review and scores.

nordica_patron_copy.jpg line_31.jpg

#3. Blizzard — Cochise

Overall Score: 16.6

Packing a light wood core, a sandwich sidewall, tip and tail rocker (as part of Blizzard’s Flipcore technology) and slight camber under the boot, this thing is built to rip in all conditions. Click for full review and scores.

blizzard_cochise_copy.jpg line_31.jpg

#4. Moment — PB&J

Overall Score: 16.6

In the past year, Moment has doubled production, moved into a new factory, and tripled its staff. Obviously, the Reno-based company is doing something right, and the praise given to the PB&J at the ski test this year serves as further confirmation. Click for full review and scores.

moment_pbj_copy.jpg line_31.jpg

#5. Scott — Dozer

Overall Score: 16.4

The Dozer is the most versatile twin tip in Scott’s lineup. Featuring a strong poplar wood core and laminated sidewall construction, it’s got flex and agility to handle action in the park and off piste. Click for full review and scores.

scott_dozer_copy.jpg line_31.jpg

#6. Armada — TST (The Steeger)

Overall Score: 16.3

Travis Steeger was a rising star when his life was tragically cut short in 2009. An explorer at heart, Travis needed a ski that allowed him to tackle the entire mountain. Click for full review and scores.

armada_tst_copy.jpg line_31.jpg

#7. Kästle — FX 104

Overall Score: 16.1

Kästle’s FX line is all about precision. The 104 is a tool best suited for freeski adventures where the slightest loss of control might have dire consequences. Click for full review and scores.

kastle_fx104_copy.jpg line_31.jpg

#8. Volkl — Gotama

Overall Score: 16.1

Bringing a handful of new design innovations to its line this year, Volkl continues to enhance its already celebrated skis. Click for full review and scores.

volkl_gotama_copy.jpg line_31.jpg

#9. Kästle — BMX 108

Overall Score: 15.9

Freeride meets Kästle performance in the BMX (Big Mountain Cross) series. The BMX 108 employs rocker technology resulting in a floaty, stable stick. Click for full review and scores.

kastle_bmx104_copy.jpg line_31.jpg

#10. Black Diamond Equipment — Amperage

Overall Score: 15.6

Built with big-mountain shredding in mind and complete with a fun shape (ultrawide in the tip), the all-new AMPerage can handle anything from groomers to backcountry booters. Click for full review and scores.

bd_amperage_copy.jpg line_31.jpg

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