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The Headbud Crew Takes on the Snow-Covered Forests of Japan With Armada Skis

Headbud heads for Japan! In an absolute beauty of a three-minute edit, Josh Absenger, Luggi Brucic, alongside filmer Fabi Hayden and photographer Sebastien (Bastl) Höllward, take us through the sacred forests of Hokkaido, Japan’s legendary northern island. If you didn’t know, the North Island tends to receive some of the greatest snow on Earth, both in quantity and quality. The light flakes fall from the heavens, being ushered to the island by cold Siberian winds. It’s not only the snow that makes Hokkaido such an incredible destination, however. It’s also the surroundings. The densely packed forests hold some of the deepest snow on Earth and some of the most surreal scenery. “Kodama” roughly translates to tree ghosts. It’s a fitting name for this short film, which takes us through the winding and dazzling birch and pine trees that populate the countryside. Is something hiding in the scuba-worthy pow? Probably not… but you never know.

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There’s a mystical feeling in the white birch forests of Japan during a storm. The wind, the clouds and the snow make it seem like a different world. It’s common to feel a presence like something must be just behind the next tree. “Kodama.” The tree ghosts.

A crew consisting of AR Fam skiers Josh Absenger and Luggi Brucic, filmer Fabi Hayden and photographer Sebastien (Bastl) Höllward headed to Hokkaido to immerse themselves in the famously deep snow and unique cultural charms of the Japanese mountains. Having known each other for 20 years, everyone was hyped to collaborate and shred in the mountains near Kiroro Resort.

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