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SLVSH is back baby! Torin Yater-Wallace and Cody LaPlante bring the summer heat

This is NOT a drill! After a year long hiatus, the SLVSH team hath returned to present us with a grade A game from this past summer. Of course they’re coming back swinging from the bleachers, bringing two of skiings finest out onto the field. In the left corner, wearing the Red Bull gear, we have the full time SLVSH veteran, part time Olympian, Torin Yater-Wallace. He has given several heavy hitting games in the past, and this time around is no different. Big T has some stumbles in this one, but you’ve taken one too many slams to the noggin if you don’t think he’s got the stuff to make this into one hell of a ball game. After watching this heated game, be sure to check out Torin and Jossi Wells’ new movie, “Good Luck”.

In the right corner, also wearing the Red Bull gear, we have the Cali born young gun who has been storming his way onto the scene in recent years, co-star of the infamous “Sweet life of Mac and Cody”, mister Cody LaPlante. Cody has youth on his side in this battle no doubt. While Torin isn’t exactly old, Cody is a spring chicken out on those summer time slopes, and whips up a few sneak tricks that would take any individual by surprise. These two put on an unbelievable show for the summer campers of Woodward, Copper, and we’re lucky to be able to catch the digital rendition. Hopefully this is only the beginning of the SLVSH return, with a very high standard being set right here.

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