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SkiBig3 celebrates Banff National Park with stunning short film, “Look Up”

Fresh out of the production room at Sherpas Cinema and created in collaboration with SkiBig3 and Banff & Lake Louise Tourism, the short film featured above, entitled “Look Up,” celebrates Canada’s oldest national park in uniquely poetic fashion. Highlighting the immense landscapes and awe-inspiring beauty that span Banff National Park, the project aims to shed a different light on the connection that the Canadian Rockies in the area have with the people that have been drawn in by them for so long.

Partnering with the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, the team at Sherpas Cinema connected with well-known Canadian spoken word poet Shane Koyczan, whose narrative ended up taking a prominent role in outlining the final movie. “The words Shane wrote weren’t simply the complement to the footage we were editing, or the story we were telling—but were completely shaping it. As filmmakers, we were being guided by the beautiful words of Shane,” noted Tim Symes, Post Production Supervisor at Sherpas Cinema.

The final edit is a beautiful reminder of the inherent beauty of the mountains and the simple reasons we venture into them. Explained by the folks at SkiBig3, “‘Look Up’ is a visual tribute to a pure, protected, mountainous place that elicits wonder, incites inspiration and stirs up the imaginations of those that make footsteps within it. The pure awe you find here cannot be escaped, it has a powerful hold on all those that connect with it – and that’ll stay with you. That indelible awe, the lasting impression, is a mark these mountains are guaranteed to leave.”

Learn more about SkiBig3 and plan your trip by clicking right here.

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