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These wild French boys have clearly mastered two things: how to have an absolute party anywhere, anytime, and how to ski just about anything as smooth as butter on a fresh baguette. Being a silly, uncultured American, Keep The Line—the Line Skis French crew—was, more or less, a new name to me. I had seen some clips on the ‘gram, so I knew they were animals on the sticks, but I sure am happy I finally watched a full edit.

“Brune Out,” is a movie culmination of Keep the Line’s second season, and it’s beautifully pieced together. The combination of creative animations, silky filming and editing and, of course, magnificent skiing all add up to a project that is outrageously enjoyable. Offering a narrative as much as skiing, the gang heads out across Europe, simultaneously obeying orders and running from their uncompromising corporal. They become one with the wood in Avoraiz, battle concrete and fog in Greece and conquer the hills (and trees) of Les Orres.

These guys are easily one of the most talented group of skiers around, but they seem to carry themselves with light spirits and not a splash of ego. The world can seem overwhelmingly large and scary at times, but skiing and the communities that embody the sport have a wonderful way of bridging that daunting gap. Even though I needed subtitles to understand this video, I think the feelings of joy and passion were conveyed even without the language translations.

Cheers to skiing and this community for bringing incredible people together from around the world, and showing us all that, while we may seem distant and different, we share much more than we may think. Even if I could hardly communicate, I have no doubt that a day spent with these boys would be stupendous. Be on the look out for more laugh-filled, joyous, talented skiing from them! Nothing but good times.



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