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Get the most out of spring touring with this helpful video from Dynafit

Ski areas all across the Northern Hemisphere are closing their lifts for the summer, but all that means is it’s time to venture off-piste, into your local backcountry, for the annual spring corn harvest. Now, there’s no shame in not being knowledgable about backcountry traveling—but if you plan on skinning and skiing in the backcountry this spring and summer, play it safe, stay informed and stay open-minded so you can learn something new.

It’s easy to get caught up in trying to act smart, but you’re putting yourself and those you’re with in danger if you’re not knowledgable about your gear. Stay in the know and refresh your safety knowledge of your gear this spring with this helpful video courtesy of Dynafit. Join Donny Roth and Eric Henderson as they provide helpful tips about how to skin correctly to get the most out of your day while also taking good care of your ever-important backcountry gear.

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