Stay connected with Somewear

Stay connected with Somewear

These days, we take connectivity for granted; that is, until we set off into the woods on our next adventure. Whether you’re out on a multi-day hut tour in the middle of winter, or heading just out of town for a weekend getaway, the aim is to disconnect from the everyday hustle and bustle and become immersed in the natural world.

But, what if something goes awry? Say, bad weather arrives quicker than you expected; you get separated from your group and lost on the trail; an avalanche causes injury, or worse, to someone in the group—how can you properly communicate, or call for help, while you’re so far out of touch?

Enter Somewear Labs and its brand new global satellite connected hotspot that brings your friends, family and emergency services within reach on the most distant of adventures. Designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, the device fits conveniently in your pocket and operates via an app compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled iOS or Android smartphone. Somewear is able to send and receive text messages, provide weather reports, local alerts and location tracking, as well as transmit SOS messages directly through the device, sans mobile phone, all via satellite connectivity.

Here at the FREESKIER offices, we’re eagerly waiting to test out Somewear Labs’ creation on our own accord; but, thus far, it’s been through rigorous trials across California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, Colorado’s Front Range and as far away as Greenland, catching the attention of some of snowsport’s most well-known athletes, including snowboarder, environmental activist and overall badass Jeremy Jones.

“Somewear basically turns your cell phone into a global communication device,” says Jones. “In my profession, you learn quickly that if something goes wrong in the mountains you need reliable communication with emergency responders. Cell phones rarely work in the mountains which is why Somewear has become a critical part of my backcountry kit.”

Right now, until May 2nd, you can pre-order the Somewear device on Kickstarter, receive a big time, $150 discount and ensure the product will ship to you by early July, just in time for this summer’s adventures. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve as you plan your next big expedition—turn your cell phone into a globally connected communication device with Somewear.

To find out more about Somewear Labs, click here.

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