Here and Now: Super-sized highlights from Audi Nines 2019

Here and Now: Super-sized highlights from Audi Nines 2019

WORDS & PHOTOS • Florian Breitenberger (@florianbreitenberger)

Every year, there’s one week in particular where sleep is overrated and long editing nights are usually on top of the agenda. However you wanna call it: The Audi Nines is always one of the most exciting weeks of the winter season. It’s my job as one of the event photographers to cover every little moment, from sponsor integrations to all of the enormous airtime, as well as possible. Most of the time, there is not much room for extraordinary angles or creativity, but this awesome playground, paired with the outstanding skiing and snowboarding action during the whole week, allow my creative juices to flow easily. It takes not much more than the obligatory sunset or sunrise to make my finger flutter on the camera trigger during the Audi Nines. And, this year, a last-minute appearance by the Dark Lord was just the icing on the cake.

Olympic gold medalist David Wise tweaks out an air on the quarterpipe.
Birk Ruud, inverted.
Tom Ritsch takes a sideways ride on one of the many features at Audi Nines.
James "Woodsy" Woods reaches cruising altitude.
David Wise, taking full advantage of Golden Hour in Austria.
Tom Ritsch, playing with shadows.
Leaving his Death Star unattended, Darth Vader paid a visit to Sölden last week.
Woodsy making easy work of the right-hand booter.
Andri Ragettli fighting off solar flares in Austria.
With a drone buzzing in his ear, David Wise keeps his composure.
Tom Ritsch, using the "Launch Pad" to reach maximum send.
Tom Ritsch rides the saucer.
The truth lies in Vader's eyes.