Watch: Just a tiny little taste of the Road Trip Challenge 2014

Watch: Just a tiny little taste of the Road Trip Challenge 2014

My man Shane Dowaliby has been busy logging hours, upon hours, upon hours of footage, all captured during the 2014 Road Trip Challenge. Those who followed along are well aware that Team Nordica battled Team K2 over the course of a week, shredding RVs around New England on a quest for points via completing challenges. I should say, those who did their best to follow along, as each team was pretty secretive in regards to progress, whereabouts, etc.

Reliving some of the highlights has been an absolute blast. So much funny shit. So much great skiing. Decker and Williams crushed it behind the camera, while the skiers absolutely ruled on the other side of the lens. I’m looking forward to when the footage will be unveiled in the form of a webisode series, late this summer. We’ll have some release dates comin’ at you before too long.

For now, we’ve posted two short clips, one for each team. Compton’s clip must be watched in 1080p—mean muggin’ galore. Team K2: those guys are really good at partying.

Who will win? Time will tell.

Team Nordica tease: Compton at Sugarbush. Must watch in 1080p.

Team K2 invites strangers onto the RV. Party ensues.

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