View the list of #RTC14 challenges in its entirety

View the list of #RTC14 challenges in its entirety

The day has arrived: Road Trip Challenge officially kicks off tonight in Boston, MA. We solicited the help of the Freeskier audience for challenge suggestions, and added the best ones to the list we created in-house. The result? Over 150 challenges, from the mundane (270 onto a down rail) to the insane (get a Freeskier tattoo). We’ve hidden the point values, but the challenges are listed below for your enjoyment.

Skiing Challenges


Straight Air Tail Grab 50 Times (One Team Member)
Backflip Tail Grab
Backflip Mute Grab
Switch 900 Both Directions
Front Flip Tail Grab
*Do Most Backflips in 120 Second Span (One Person)
Double Screamin’ Seamen
Jib a Teammate’s Skis While He’s Wearing Them
Two Teammates Hold Hands, Backflip Together
Spray 10 Snowboarders
Perform Standing, Pole Plant Front Flip
Do a Front Flip Truck Driver on Snowblades
Do a Backflip Tail Grab on Snowblades
Switch Double Backflip on Snowblades
Do a 1080 on Snowblades
Ski Switch From Top to Bottom of a Ski Resort
Zero Spin Double Nose Grab to Double Tail Grab (15 Foot Table)
Podium at the Carinthia Open
Two Teammates Hold Hands on 50+ Foot Jump
720 Iron Cross
540 Double Daffy
180 Triple Daffy
Convince Two Females to Ski In Bikini For a Run
Backflip Naked
Backflip in Undies
Double Backflip
Switch 1080 Mute Both Directions
Double Cork 1080
Double Cork 1260
Cork 900 Both Directions
Ski NASTAR Course Switch
Backflip a Mono Ski
Front Flip a Mono Ski
270 On, Pretzel 270 Out of Rail
Backflip Onto a Rail
450 Onto a Rail
630 Onto a Rail
810 Onto a Rail
270 On, Pretzel 450 Out of Rail
270 On, Pretzel 630 Out of Rail
Switch 50-50 Flat Bar Longer Than 10 Feet
50-50 Flat Bar Longer Than 20 Feet
Super-Fed Flat-Down Rail
540 Switch-Up Flat-Down Rail
450 On, Pretzel 270 Out of Rail
450 On, Pretzel 450 Out of Rail
Switch 450 On, Pretzel 270 Out of Rail
10 Switch-Ups on a Rail, Forward Momentum Always
Penguin Slide A Flat-Down Box
Triple Backside Switch-Up on a Rail
Sing Ski Resort’s Theme Song While Skiing There
Go Night Skiing at a Ski Resort
Have Ski Resort Build Custom Feature For RTC, In Shape of Penis
Load a Ski Lift at a New Resort
Compete in a Local Alpine Racing Event (NASTAR Does Not Count)
Saucer Down A Full Park Lap w/ Snowblades On
Organize Human Slalom
Perform a Worm Turn 20 Times In One Run
Wear 15 Pcs Women’s Clothes From Mardi Gras Tree On Head, Do Backflip


720 Over The RV
Double Flip on Backyard Setup
Slide a Rail on College Campus
Slide a Double Kink on College Campus
Slide a Quad Kink (or More) on College Campus
Slide a Rail at Ski Resort Parking Lot
Jib a Stranger’s Car With Permission
Jib a Tree (Must Get 5 Ft Up Trunk)
Ski Down an Escalator
Ski Up a Set of 10+ Stairs
Air Naked Over a Fire
Backflip Over a Fire
Slide an Urban Down Rail
Slide an Urban Double Kink
Slide an Urban Quad Kink (or More)
270 Onto Down Rail w/ 5 Stairs or Less
Jib a Rail in Somebody’s Backyard
Go Pond-Skimming (20+ Feet)
Jib a Playground in Daylight
270 Onto Urban Down Rail
270 Onto Urban Double Kink
270 Onto Wooden Down Rail (10+ Feet)
Do a Bomb Drop (10 Feet Minimum)
Jib on Dunkin’ Donuts Premesis
Jib Resort Entrance Sign
Slide a Concrete Ledge
Do a Wall Ride (Must Get 5 Ft Up Wall)

General Challenges

Consume Most Wendy’s by Dollar Amount (Both Teams Win)
Attend Class at a New England College (10 Min)
Attend Class at a New England College and Participate in Class Discussion
Convince Kid That You Are Him, But From The Future
Convince Toll Booth Attendant to Let You Pass Free
Visit a Swimming Pool, Organized Synchro Swim Performance (minimum 30 second routine)
Get a mohawk
Dye mohawk pink
Eat 100 Hot Dogs as a Team
Eat at a School Dining Hall on Someone’s Meal Plan
Get a Piercing (Keep For 48 Hours)
Convince a Lady to Show Boobs While On Multi-Lane Highway
Get on Local TV News To Discuss RTC
Go Surfing
Go to a Strip Club in Montreal
Go Tubing With Ladies in Bikinis (2 minimum)
Have a Stranger’s Mom Cook you Dinner
Hug 10 Police Officers
Backflip into Natural Body of Water in Full Ski Gear
Purchase Dunkin’ Donuts (inside store) Wearing All Ski Equipment and Skis
Purchase Slurpee at 7-Eleven Wearing All Ski Equipment and Skis
Send a Postcard to Taylor Swift, Tell Her About #RTC14
Send a Postcard to Miley Cyrus, Tell Her About #RTC14
*Get the Most Women in Team RV at One Time
*Get Most Likes on Team Instagram Photo (Ends 3/17)
Get Team Members’ Tweet w/ tag #RTC14 Retweeted 300 Times (Ends 3/17)
Get a Tinder Hook-Up (At Least First Base on Camera)
Play Pick-up Pond Hockey Game
Poach 10 Hot Tubs
Pose With RoadKill
Ski Switch Down Tubing Hill
Organize Sleepover at Stranger’s House (Entire Team)
Throw a House Party at Stranger’s House (20 People Minimum)
Smash a Television Set
Tow Into a Feature Behind Team of Four or More Dogs
Do Laundry at a Stranger’s House
Clean Bathroom at a Stranger’s House
Re-Arrange Five Furniture Items in Stranger’s House Without Asking
Get Pizza Delivered to the RV
Eat Lobster Dinner at Stranger’s House (They Pay)
Gain Free Admission to a Professional Sporting Event (Incl. Being Given Tix)
Make a Viral Video, Gain 30K Views or More (Ends 3/17)
Catch a Fish in Natural Body of Water
Get 3 (Different) Strangers To Make 30-Sec Music Vid Honoring Team (YouTube)
Get Professional Team “Family” Portait Taken
Team Skier Acquires New Sponsor (Cash and Contract)
Light a Fart on Fire
Kiss 10 Skiers on the Lips
Kiss 10 Snowboarders on the Lips
Kiss a Stranger on the Chairlift
Kiss a Ski Racer in Spandex
Get Former RTC Participant to Complete a Challenge (Must Be With You)
Get a Hug From a Juggalo
Do 15 Shirtless Pushups in Starbucks
Prank Call Tom Wallisch
Get Stranger to Chug Beer from Team Member’s Ski Boot
Ski Into a Hotel Pool
Win a Game of Flip Cup on College Campus
Cross Border Into a New State (Each State Counts Once Per Day)
FaceTime with Matt Harvey
Shave Eye Brows
Shave Your Head
Organize a Car Wash With Ladies in Bikinis (minimum 5 bikini girls)
Score 200 Points or More In Single Bowling Game
Choreograph 45-Second Dance in RV to Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop” (2 people minimum)
Do 500 Push-Ups in One Day (One Person)
Take a Shot off another Man’s Chest Hair w/ Milk
Milk a Cow
Trade Ski Gear (Anything Goes) For Women’s Underwear
Get Full Chest Hair Wax in Parlor
Drink One Pint Vermont Maple Syrup in 2 Minutes
Get a Tattoo (Bigger than a quarter, one per person)
Get a Freeskier logo (or Freeskier Snowflake) tattoo (one per person)

*Asterisk denotes challenge will be won by video review, following the conclusion of the road trip.

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