X-Dance Accepted Films

X-Dance Accepted Films

The world’s best skiing videos, snowboarding videos, surfing videos, and skateboarding videos, as well as some windsurfing, climbing, and even a tubing video from the looks of it, will be duking it out for bragging rights in Utah this January.

To quote Darren Rayner of Voleurz, “We’re going to X-Dance baby!” The nossaTV sponsored filmmakers out of Canada made it into the action sports version of the Academy Awards on their first try. They will be competing in the Short Film Festival. The rest of the nominees are…

(alphabetical order)
Official X-Dance site at https://www.x-dance.com.
Follow the links to see trailers on https://www.nossaTV.com.


199 Lives
Director: Gregg Godfrey
Producer: Jeremy Rawle
Executive Producer: David Brooks
Production Company: Godfrey Entertainment

20 Seconds of Joy
Director: Jens Hoffmann
Producer: Cleonice Comino
Executive Producer: Cleonice Comino & André Duck
Production Company: F24 Film GmbH

Against the Grain, The Tara Dakides Documentary
Director: Josh Landan
Producer: Josh Landan, The Background Collective
Executive Producer: The Background Collective, Studio411, David Brooks
Production Company: The Background Collective

Apples & Oranges
Director: Carlo Wein, Bryant Bell, Colin Jones
Producer: John Clapham
Executive Producer:
Production Company: Alterna Films

Director: Constantine Papanicolaou
Producer: Constantine Papanicolaou
Executive Producer: Tanner Hall, Michael Chapin, Chris Mater, Jamie Simon, Pat Mcilvain, Greg Strokes
Production Company: Studio 411

Bra Boys
Director: Jason Berg
Production Company: UX Entertainment

Crusty Demons – Night of World Records
Director: John McMillan & Chris Nelius
Producer: John McMillan & Chris Nelius
Executive Producer: John McMillan & Chris Nelius
Production Company: Fleshwound Films & Rush Sports

Deep Winter
Director: Glenn Zoller

Down The Barrel
Director: Steven Lawrence
Producer: ESPN Original Entertainment
Production Company: Peligro Pictures

Dying for Everest
Director: Richard Dennison
Producer: Gus Roxburgh, James Heyward, Andy Salek
Executive Producer: Steve Luczo, Shaun Murphy
Production Company: Balance Vector Productions

Production Company: Rage Films

Facing Obsession
Director: Jochen Schmoll
Producer: Jochen Schmoll, Drehxtrem
Executive Producer: Jochen Schmoll, Drehxtrem
Production Company: Drehxtrem

In Short
Production Company: Blank Paper Studios

It’s Fantastic!
Director: Matt Sheridan
Producer: Matt Sheridan
Executive Producer: Matt Sheridan
Production Company: Team 13

Journey to the Center
Director: Jens Hoffman
Executive Producer: Liro Seppanen & Jeb Corliss
Production Company: Ground Impact Inc.

King Lines
Director: Josh Lowell, Peter Mortimer
Producer: Josh Lowell, Peter Mortimer
Executive Producer: Nick Rosen, Cooper Roberts
Production Company: Big UP Productions

Let’s Do This!
Director: Jon Holland & Jason Hernandez
Producer: Jon Holland & Jason Hernandez
Executive Producer: Jon Holland & Jason Hernandez
Production Company: Transworld

Director: Flora Pauporte
Producer: Axel Pauporte
Executive Producer: Reid Pinder, Grahma Stapelberg, Andrew Flitton
Production Company: Quinta Films

Lost and Found
Production Company: Teton Gravity Research

Mixed Tape
Director: Pete Santa Maria
Producer: Pete Santa Maria, John Wilson, Kevin Flanagan
Production Company: Reef

My Eyes Won’t Dry
Directors: Brian Conley
Producers: Brian Conley
Executive Producer: Brian Conley
Production Company: C life Productions

New Emissions of Light and Sound
Director: George Manzanilla and Joe G
Producer: Joe G, Michael Marckx
Executive Producer: Peter Hill, Matt Hill, Gary Valentine
Production Company: Globe

NWD 8 Smack Down
Director: Derek Westerlund
Producer: Derek Westerlund
Executive Producer: Derek Westerlund
Production Company: Freeride Entertainment

Director: Patrick Armbruster & Justin Hostynek
Producer: Patrick Armbruster
Production Company: Absinthe Films

Push Process
Directors: Justin Stephens
Producers: Matty Swanson
Executive Producers:Matty Swanson & Pat Mcilvain
Production Company: 1242 Productions

Seven Sunny Days
Director: Steve Winter, Murray Wais, Scott Gaffney
Producer: Steve Winter, Murray Wais, Scott Gaffney, Steve Reska, Nate Nash, Mike Hans
Executive Producer: David Brooks
Production Company: Matchstick Productions

Directors: Don Hampton Aaron Chase
Producers: Don Hampton
Executive Producers:Don Hampton
Production Company: DH Productions

Sliding Liberia
Director: Britton Caillouette; Nicholai Lidow
Producer: Britton Caillouette; Nicholai Lidow
Production Company: Inner Tube Films

Director: Rush Sturges, Brooks Baldwin, Marlow Long
Producer: Rush Sturges, Brooks Baldwin, Marlow Long
Production Company: Young Gun Productions

The Dawn of the Stone-Age
Director: Andrew Miller & Aden Stay
Producer: Brad Dougherty
Executive Producer: Troy Eckert & Richard Woolcott
Production Company: Vecco Productions

The Man Who Souled the World
Director: Mike Hill
Producer: Jason Boulter & Matt Hill
Executive Producer: Steven Hill & Peter Hill
Production Company: Whyte House Productions

The Windsurfing Movie
Directors: Johnny DeCesare & Jace Panebianco
Producers: Johnny DeCesare, Jace Panebianco & Levi Siver
Production Company: Poor Boyz Windsurfing

Tomorrow Today
Director: Chris Cote, David Washauer
Producer: Josh Williams
Executive Producer: Transworld Surf
Production Company: Metalstorm Entertainment

Tony Hawk’s Secret Skatepark Tour 3
Director: Kemp Curley
Producer: Irene Navarro, Matt Haring, Jared Prindle
Executive Producer: Tony Hawk, Pat Hawk
Production Company: 900 Films

Director: Ronn Seidenglanz
Producer: Ronn Seidenglanz
Executive Producer: Erik Lutgert
Production Company: Sidewayz Films

Travis Pastrana – Driven
Director: Leandro HBL
Producer: Marko Zawadzki
Executive Producer: Marko Zawadzki
Production Company: emenes GmbH

Under the Sun
Director: Cyrus Sutton
Producer: Cyrus Sutton, Michael McFadin, Jody McFadin
Executive Producer: Michael McFadin, Jody McFadin
Production Company: A Peel/Luella

Director: Taylor Congdon
Producer: Taylor Congdon
Executive Producer: Transworld Media, Jason Young
Production Company: The Assignment


Another LA Day
Directors: David Auerbach & Mathias Klozenbucher
Producers: David Auerbach & Mathias Klozenbucher

Autumn Dream

Find My Way

Fish Bowl
Director: Darren Rayner, Jan Schuster
Producer: Darren Rayner, Jan Schuster
Executive Producer: Darren Rayner, Jan Schuster
Production Company: Voleurz

Skater Made

Director: Colin Jones
Producer: Colin Jones
Executive Producer: Colin Jones
Production Company: Adrift Films

Stay tuned to www.x-dance.com for more information.


For one insane week each winter, the world’s top action sport filmmakers and athletes, along with cutting-edge bands and DJs and key figures from the entertainment industry, gather in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah, to celebrate action sports culture at the annual X-DANCE Action Sports Film Festival. Launched in 2001 and coinciding each year with the Sundance Film Festival, X-DANCE showcases the year’s top action sport films, followed by post-screening Q&A’s with filmmakers and athletes. X-DANCE also features open forum panels with athletes, filmmakers, industry figures and icons from the action sports world, plus special screenings, privately sponsored parties and a legendary Closing Party/Awards Ceremony. With roots in both the core industry as well as the mainstream, no other event on earth harnesses the creative energy of adrenaline culture and brings it together under one roof like the X-DANCE Action Sports Film Festival.

A special note from Brian Wimmer, X-Dance founder, via their site:

This has been the most incredible year for film entries in the past eight years of X-Dance. The level of filmmaking has reached new heights. Hundreds of films have been submitted from all over the world. Almost half of the films submitted were from outside the U.SA. X-Dance is truly the premier international event for Action Sports Filmmaking.

The difficult part of this process is determining which films will make the festival. The competition was extremely high this year. If your project did not make the final list, that does not mean that your project was not a good film. We judge all films equally on the basis of filmmaking merit and not sport genre, sponsors or budget. The five categories we judge are Cinematography, Editing, Story, Music, and Action. Each of the five merits are given equal value. The films that ultimately make it into the festival score well in most, if not all, of the filmmaking categories, making them a good blend of story and action. Films that were all action with no story or interaction with the athletes plot-wise fared the same as films that were all talk and no action.

Everyone that submitted a film can (and should) be part of the festival. The X-Dance Film Festival was created as a forum for everyone in the Action Sports Filmmaking Industry. We will be conducting the X-Dance Filmmakers Institute with seminars, workshops, and panels. The subjects will deal with real issues facing the Action Sports filmmakers, like emerging Internet demands in regard to content providing, music licensing, digital and hard copy distribution, and legal issues that arise from everything mentioned above. We will have the top people in the industry from each category there to raise the level of awareness and help you.
Our final awards ceremony is notorious for being the best party during the Sundance Film Festival. We will give all filmmakers that submitted films tickets to all of our events.

As filmmakers, you should all immerse yourself in the Sundance Film Festival and its activities as well. We will post a listing of Sundance Film Festival activities so that you can participate. Use the Sundance Festival to inspire your career.

This year we have expanded the festival to Salt Lake City. We have grown to the point where we needed bigger and better venues. Salt Lake City will also put us more in touch with our core crowd and make it easier for everyone to participate. The Sundance Film Festival is moving a lot of its energy to SLC for the same reasons we are. The O.R. (Outdoor Retailer) convention is also in town at the same time. Our new venue is right in the middle of both events, by no accident. This year promises to be bigger and better than ever.
Thank you all for your incredible film submissions and the passion that went into making them! We look forward to celebrating your creativity and the Actions Sports culture with you in the New Year!

Brian Wimmer
X-Dance Film Festival
Director / Founder

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