WSI Superpipe Qualifier Results

WSI Superpipe Qualifier Results

Qualifying for the 2008 WSI Superpipe contest went down today in Whistler Blackcomb. After a day off tomorrow, the semi-finals will go down on Friday. The ones moving on will put on the big show this coming Saturday, the final weekend of the festival.

1. Dania Assaly
2. Keltie Hansen
3. Brita Sigourney
4. Virginie Faivre
5. Kristi Leskinen
6. Anais Caradeux
7. Megan Gunning
8. Claudia Bouvier

Men (Heat 1):
1. Tucker Perkins
2. Banks Gillberti
3. Eric Kallbom
4. Tyler Homen
5. Kris Atkinson

Men (Heat 2):
1. David Wise
2. Matt Margetts
3. Nathan Wood
4. Jack Sullan
5. Noah Bowman

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