World’s First Hip Cutter @ June ??

World’s First Hip Cutter @ June ??

The concept of a hip cutter has been around for years. Today June Mountain becomes the first ski resort to have a completed one.

June Mountain is the sister resort to Mammoth Mountain. They get a lot of hand me downs at June, and some of those hand me downs include pipe dragons. At the start of the summer they had 5 Pipe Dragons. When you are only able to use a single Dragon at a time it leaves 4 sitting, just waiting for a Park Builder to break out a torch and welder and create the dream. The goal was to keep it simple, basically removing the transition from the machine and making it straight.

The Hip Cutter will be able to build bigger hips much faster and be able to maintain them with ease. The new Hip Cutter will be able to cut flat banks and walls as well.

For the 2009/2010 season expect to see the new Hip Cutter building the most progressive features in the industry. Check out junemountain.com.

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