Women’s Outerwear

Women’s Outerwear


J: North Wind $250
P: Seamed Leg $225
What’s not to love about this classic black and white combination?
Not only are these two colors easy to accessorize, the detailing in
the fabrics used for the North Wind jacket and Seamed Leg pant
is impressive. Both pieces use a soft, textured fabric embellished
with clear, screen-printed dots on the yoke and sleeves of the jacket
and the waist and pockets of the pants which adds an element of
high fashion to the classic colors. For deep days the North Wind and
Seamed Leg snap together to create a barrier against even the fluffiest
snow. When the storm is over, the powder skirt is removable to
give you more maneuverability.

J: Icarus $250
P: Tanky $135
This world-renowned ski company came up big this year with its
freeride outerwear line. The Icarus jacket is feminine in its design,
with three wooden buttons on the collar and a flattering, longer cut.
Yet the Icarus retains a hardcore look thanks to a darker color and
heavier fabric. The waist is gathered on the sides so a cinch isn’t
necessary and all of the seams are triple stitched for maximum durability.
The Tanky pant also has a fashion-forward cut with wider
legs and flared hems. Black zippers are added to the soft cream
color for added spunk. Coupled with the Scratch BC, you’re ready for
a full day on the mountain, all courtesy of Rossignol.

Scott USA
J: Encore $350
P: Encore $300
With so many similar-looking fabrics on the market – herringbone, tweed, plaid, etc. – Scott took a chance on something different with a washed denim look for its Encore outfit. Scott detailed this broken-in looking fabric with big, metal buttons and brown leather trim to complete the industrial feel. Scott uses a strategic thermal regulation system that uses mesh in hot zones and insulation in cool zones making the outfit warm and cozy on big snow days, yet its progressive style lets it transition to the park with ease.

J: Sioux Plaid $200
P: Lucky Plaid $140
Like many other companies, Sessions went with larger, more pronounced buttons on its Sioux Plaid jacket this season, while the flower shape
and light blue in the plaid give it a girlier feel, and the fur collar and belt add to the diva-ish look. Not only is this plaid ensemble stylie, but the lightweight feel of the jacket and pant make it super
maneuverable and easy to wear. For additional warmth without bulking it up, Sessions equipped the jacket with a panel of fuzzy fabric for the lining, but only in the back, creating the ideal combination of light weight and warmth.

The North Face
The North Face
J: Bugsy $350
P: Bugsy $250
The Bugsy jacket and pant from TNF are stylish and tasteful with a fun fabric and muted tones. Even with these fashionable additions, The North Face hasn’t compromised function. Both the jacket and pant come
outfitted with a Recco avalanche rescue reflector. All seams are fully sealed, unlike other companies that just seal “important” seams, which could leave you soaking wet in some awkward places. This is an outfit
that is stylish enough to hang out after skiing, yet can duck ropes to nab the fresh anytime as well.

J: Ruby Peak Parka $280
P: Crystal Crest Softshell $150

J: Campaign $370
P: Airborne $240

J: Sashi $260
P: Lassie $180

J: Jalila $470
P: Zeas $340

Fate Clothing
J: Modernist $240
P: Cargo $200

Holden Outerwear
J: Stillwater $360
P: Davis Belted $320

Mountain Hardwear
Mountain Hardwear
J: Downhill Parka $295
P: Freeride $240

J: Cloud 9 $255
P: Illusion $190

J: Mantra $190
P: Bionic $115

J: Penny Arcade $230
P: Veruca Salt $175

J: Beat 3:1 $350
P: Temptress $180

SMS Clothing
J: Double Trouble $240
P: Lrider $150

J: Godmother $300
P: Godmother $200

Under Armour
Under Armour
J: Carve $330
P: Edge $200

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