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Winter of Wells: The Documentary. Coming Soon.

The Wells Family has become something of a phenomenon throughout the ski community. Brothers Jossi, Byron, Beau-James and Jackson, along with father/coach/mentor Bruce, have made waves everywhere from X Games to the silver screen to that little island they call home—New Zealand. And while their web series Winter of Wells pries into their everyday life, creator Tim Pierce wanted to delve deeper.

It's this desire to tell the Wells' story that has led Tim to the creation of a documentary, which has been recently announced, offhandedly in the latest episode of Winter of Wells. We quickly caught up with Tim between his 14-hour editing sessions to ask him a few questions about the project.


Freeskier: You've been working with the Wells family for a number of years, why make a documentary now?
Tim Pierce: Yeah, I've been working with the Wellsies for three years now. I've decided to make a documentary now as the timing is right and, most of all, Atomic is able to support it this year. It does take a few years for your subject to get comfortable enough with your camera to truly capture them. I'm at that stage with the boys now, its great. They're always themselves when the camera is out!

FS: What is the main focus of the documentary? Or what are you trying to communicate as a filmmaker?
TP: The main focus of the documentary is telling the incredible story of this one family, with four boys who are all world class freeskiers. And truly showing and connecting the public with how they live their lives and who they are personally. Along with high production standards and the world's best free skiing!

FS: What's the best part of working with the Wells family?
TP: The best part of working with the Wells family, is that they are my best friends. Jossi is one of the closest people in my life and it means a lot to be able to work on this project with him and truly show him and his whole family. It's an incredible opportunity. Through literally living out of each others pockets, the Wells feel like part of my extended family. I spend a lot more time with them than my own family!


FS: You've been spending a lot of time with Byron this season… have you noticed a spike in your blood pressure? Or is he as mellow as Jossi to work with?
TP: Yeah! I was on the road for almost six weeks straight with just Byron alone. He's an interesting character, definitely spiked the blood pressure, and made me laugh a lot. I've enjoyed teaching him a thing or two, as well. His skiing is getting so much better every time we shoot. And he's got the right attitude for sure. 

FS: What are your hopes for how the film is received by the industry? And the greater skiing public?
TP: This doco [read: documentary] is being made for the greater public. The story has the potential to affect everyone. Of course, I want the ski industry to enjoy it, but that's not its main purpose. This story has the potential to get anyone's attention, regardless of if you're actually into skiing, it's about the family. I guess the grommies might get a little bored of this, as it's not gonna be trick after trick after trick. It's going to be one artsy documentary!

FS: Where are you currently in the doco making and what comes next in the production of this thing?
TP: I'm currently up to my ears in editing. I'm producing/directing/filming/editing this entire project solo so there's not much time in the day for anything else. I'm editing for the next few weeks, then heading to Canada for a couple of weeks, then back to NZ to film throughout our season for about six weeks. The final month of post production is taking place in Australia in September, then its off to Austria to premiere in October. Hectic is an understatement!


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